You can heal your life – Louise Hay’s Affirmations

Louise Hay and affirmations are a big part of our family’s life now. My corporate brain has a hard time explaining this to others because it sounds hokey. But they work! When I first created CTU, affirmations and “I” statements were seen in the mainstream market as selfish / self indulgent. Now, I think more and more people understand the power they have for healing, self empowerment and peace.

I’ve used them for years in my health healing but it was only recently I started using them with the kids.

Last year our son started getting hives and we did everything to try to figure it out. Doctors did tests, we did the whole remove all foods in groups and reintroduce them and it didn’t work. There were no answers. He then started to have to carry an epi pen as the school and daycare got worried.

That’s when I turned to the “you can heal your life” book and looked up hives. The book said it was all connected to fears.

We began to do affirmations every morning, lunch (he did it in his head before eating his lunch at school) & together before bed. The hives started to disappear and they haven’t really come back at all.

I’m not suggesting people replace western medicine with this. Instead the post is more to share my experience and how my openness to try this with my family has helped immensely with our quality of life. I thought our kids wouldn’t do it, but kids are amazing and they are probably more open than us.

There are many blogs that share the different affirmations to use for different illnesses. Also watch the movie “you can heal your life” too. The movie shares the hope and healing she gave to those with AIDS.