Why PG Families should join the Re-Make it Challenge

June 9, 2014

Every so often, I remember the childlike wonder side of myself and I think, um, this time, I am going to jump in with both feet. I think part of the reason I was meant to have kids was to remind myself that life isn’t so serious.

Leading the Startup community over the last couple years, I have talked about how we need to “play” our way into being creative and innovative.

Well, the opportunity has come up again… not just for me… but this time for my kids and family too.

The city I live in (Prince George, BC) has a RE-Make it Challenge coming up.

Normally my life with my kids and my work are quite separate… but for this event, they are joining together.

Why would I do such a crazy thing?

Because I believe it is so important to build family community as much as it is a city community.

Growing up, I wasn’t a Harper, but a Lee-Young.

There were 4 of us siblings (6 including my parents), but then also many, many, many cousins. We had our own song… “I’m a Lee-Young, you’re Lee-Young, wouldn’t you like to be a Lee-Young too?” (Sung to the Dr. Pepper song for those old enough to remember it!) We had crab apple wars with the neighbours as Lee-Young’s versus XYZ neighbour, we had lip sync concerts and other improv family community building activities (they weren’t called that of course)!

Creative play together, building that camaraderie and team is important for cultivating the roots we need as adults to feel that no matter how much we may think we are messing up, we still have a team/family to come back to.

This is why I think it is important that we are doing the RE-Make it Challenge with our kids… It isn’t about winning or losing, but about doing something together and cultivating that family community together.


Just in the process of saying that we want to go, we have already learned a few lessons.

And well, I think more families in Prince George should join us too!

Why? Because of the following reasons:

Team Building

This one is an obvious one. Even in the process of choosing our name we had to create a family meeting and vote. I lost my choice of “Awesome Sauce” as a team name to the kids… but for the sake of the team, I am going to learn to give in and not control everything. Working on the “challenge” with your family will build more team building opportunities where your kids get to learn how to work with others and choose their battles.

Cultivating Creative Minds

Where else do you get a challenge that gets you tinkering for the sake of tinkering. Not to complete a lego instruction set or follow a check list to get to your destination, but to creatively brainstorm your way to get to your final product through testing, trying, and seeing what works.

Developing the ability to PIVOT

Okay, my Startup community makes fun of me for using this word too much. But the more we go through life expecting that we ALWAYS need to PIVOT in everything we do, the better we are able to cope when things don’t go 100% our way… which is most of life!

Instead of, “it’s the end of the world when…. (enter in your latest drama from family, work, relationships etc)”, we get better at saying instead, “Okay, now what? How do we re-jig, problem solve, pick ourselves up and do what needs to be done with what we have been given?”

In the Re-Make it challenge (watch the video), once your team brings in your final presentation, you are given a curve ball on the night of the finale. This is a great way to practice how to re-think everything you thought was meant to be a certain way!

Number One Reason – Family Roots

Now all those reasons above should be enough, but for those of you with kids… especially ones as young as mine (5 & 6)… The number one (BIG FAT) reason is that I know I have a small small window with my young kids to be silly, get them excited about dressing up with their parents, and do something that stretches both their brains and creativity while at the same time building strong roots with them as a family unit.

Will you join us? Sign up here… It’s FREE! 

See you there!

Still not convinced… watch the video: