Who Does She Think She is ?

August 11, 2011

It’s 12:47am and I just finished the movie “Who Does She Think She is?”. What an amazing documentary about 5 women artists that refused to choose between living their passion and being wonderful mothers.

I have shared my story before of “pre-motherhood” and the fortunate creative life and journey that I have lived. I have even shared a bit about my story of birthing of my kids and how I allowed myself to be vulnerable and tap into the unknown.

One thing I realized while watching this movie is that mothering has returned me to the expressive and creative side of myself. The side of myself that is willing to dance a little in the unknown… because life is anything but perfect little boxes. The side that wants my kids to see the possibilities in life.

Also, after having my kids, I have this desire to live even MORE authentically and honor the creative and passionate side of myself fully.

I guess I found early on (and my kids are only 3 & 4) that teaching or telling my spirited kids what to do with their lives wasn’t going to work… however, the best I can do as a mother is to mirror the life that I dream for them.

Not for them to be an entrepreneur or to be an artist (unless that is what they choose!)… but a life where they feel that they can be creative… they can create whatever they desire in their hearts.

How can I say to my daughter when she is older, “Go and pursue your dreams and don’t let anything stand in your way!” if I haven’t tried myself. Check out the video from yesterday’s blog post if you haven’t seen it. Inspired me from my head to my toes about the mother – daughter relationship!

I feel like a little light has been lite tonight… and that this movie has me wanting to somehow, some way build a community or at least have conversations around the journey as an artist and a mother.

Um, more to ponder…

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen the movie.

PS. If you are in Prince George, BC or really anywhere in Northern BC and would like to see this film, please post your comments below as I am looking to bring it in for a public viewing and discussion.

  • Lesa Cauchie

    Yes please Shauna, I’d love to see a screening of this movie in PG!

    It would be great to get a group together to also see Miss Representation http://missrepresentation.org/the-film/

    I’lll pass along this blog link for others to express interest!