Wednesday with Wally – Time is my friend

August 21, 2013

My statement of “Things are not happening fast enough!” was what triggered my next lesson. I remember talking to Wally in another one of our powerful discussions speaking about the frustrations of how things just didn’t move quickly enough.

He was aware that I lived in a town where things were a few steps behind most urban markets. I actually don’t remember the details of my frustration, but it was probably about an organization not making a decision fast enough, or that I had a client that was sitting on the fence.

His response was, “What do you mean? Time is your friend!” My first thought was, “For someone that is older than me, of course he thinks that!” But then he began to pull out just over the last year how time saved me from getting a job that was never meant to be mine (read here).

After our conversation, I began to say that statement, “Time is my friend” every time I felt frustration over something that wasn’t happening quickly enough. And, I began to be more conscious of the different scenarios that started to pop up to remind me about how I was given more “time” on something due to things seemly not working out. But how in fact, things worked out even better than I could have possibly orchestrated.

This tiny shift in perspective opened up a whole new world for me. I began to see that my “behind the times” city’s biggest superpower is that we are a few steps behind. We get to learn from the lessons other cities make, extract the best practices and implement them in our city.

Time is our friend.