Vibrational Energy – What can you do for Japan?

There has been a lot of talk in our house & with friends about Japan and all that has been happening over the last few weeks. I have friends with family right in the area that was hit, so it has been very real to us.

I was recently talking to a friend (we are going to call her Pat since she doesn’t want her name revealed!) about this and about the vibration energy that happens when natural disasters like this occur. What is the Universe trying to tell us and share with us when this happens? Why does stuff like this happen?

Scientifically it can be explained about the earth plates coming together. But energetically, what does this all mean? For me, I think that out of massive natural disasters like this, is a place for humanity to step into a higher vibration. Into noticing more about what is valuable in life. And also for those that want to make a difference, to step up and be creative in the ways they can help.

For example, another friend of mine Kerry Macleod, blogger at Snickerdoodles, is donating all the profits of her Stella and Dot to Japan. Click here to see all the beautiful jewelery.

My friend Pat on the other hand has been someone who has been sharing every sad news story, every traumatic breaking moment on her facebook page. In today’s world, we can watch our disasters again (over and over again). It was like being mesmerized by the falling of the Twin Towers during 911 and been glued to the television.

Now imagine that energy… every time we watch it, we feel bad for those people, we feel scared, we send out this low vibration of sadness.

But how does feeling bad help those in Japan?

Focusing on the bad, is only going to attract more bad. However, when we focus on the good that comes from it, focus on the ways people from all over the global are connecting and trying to send aid or trying to raise funds. Focus on the next steps, and focus on the “reality check” we have all received since being reminded again.. how fragile life is.

My friend, who has her parents, sister, brother and their families in Tokyo said that the earthquake made her stop complaining about her house in Vancouver¬† that she thought wasn’t pretty enough, and just sit in absolute gratitude and joy for everything. What an amazing vibration to send out to the world.

I always ask myself, what vibration match do I want to attract? And I bring into my world (and send out to the world) that vibration.  How about you?

PS. Make sure you check out Kerry’s link to Stella and Dot before the end of March. You’ll want to check out her blog post on this event too... she has a way of making everything look just so pretty (and yummy…look at those cookies!).