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Hello Twitter Friends,

Thanks for checking on my link… 140 Characters is sometimes just not enough to get acquainted, so thank you for clicking over to my website!

So what am I all about? Here’s a little bit about me not in such a nutshell…

I am a self proclaimed business geek! After getting a taste of being an entrepreneur in Gr.11 (selling recycled paper jewelry) I have been building business after business. Color the Universe Inc is the main name of my group of companies.

With a touch of good luck, 11 years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease which halted my busy…and well, I must admit… very mediocre life! The Universe’s wake up call resulted in a massive lifestyle and career course correction.

Not only did I learn to ride a mountain bike down a flight of stairs, find out who I truly was on a solo camping trip, but I also built a successful multi six figure business selling inspirational glass stone magnets to gift stores across Canada, USA, UK, Australia and Singapore.

Today, as a HUGE lover and teacher (an addict) of the entrepreneurial bootstrapping method, I also own a number of websites that:

  • Help entrepreneurs figure out their personal brand.
  • Teach you how to get cash in the door right away.
  • What language to use to get customers to say HELL-YA to what you offer.
  • How to tap into the creative & intuitive side of yourself.
  • How to sketch out the bigger picture but then take baby (bitesize) pieces so you don’t freak out.
  • How to build a strategy around social networking and online marketing techniques.
  • How to market authentically until the cows come home.

(And there are no cows coming home to my place!)

You’ve landed on my favorite website… my Consciously Creative site that really is all about how to live more creatively and intuitively in your life.

Click and around and stay awhile and let me know what you think.

I would love to hear about your passions, obsessions and things that make you go “um” ! So let’s connect!