The New Currency of Business – Profits Combined with a Social Conscience

There are many vehicles to carry you as you live your passion. For Howard Schultz coffee was the vehicle but his passion was the connection of people and building community. Recently Oprah had the CEO of Starbucks on her iconic show Super Soul Sunday.

I am constantly looking to hear stories of entrepreneurs that have ‘made it big’. I learn best through stories (probably why I love to share mine… in hopes that it will help me learn my lessons better). I love finding out where successful entrepreneurs have stumbled, how have they picked themselves up, what core values are non-negotiable in their lives and what drives them to achieve.

I feel that I work hard as an entrepreneur, but maintaining the momentum to hold a vision as large as what Howard Schultz did before Starbucks became a household name still stumps me. Then how to keep a ship as large as Starbucks running while still knowing that the energy of every small thing matters. This wasn’t about coffee or taking over the world by growing the number of shops for him. It was about creating the culture in a workplace where people are respected for their contribution and are taken care of like a family.

Going from a boy in poverty in Brooklyn to now a self-made billionaire meant that he had to stretch his mindset beyond anything his family could have helped him nurture.

Now the icing on the cake is not just being a self made billionaire, but how he did it by combining profits with a social conscience. If you’re a socially conscious entrepreneur that wonders how to combine social good with an enterprising heart, you need to watch this video.

What I love most about his story is how he has stretched my world of possibility, and the boldness of how I dream and believe. He has also reminded me that my journey about living and sharing authentically matters. That being authentic and real with our emotions (even in business) and allowing things to move us (even when it goes against the grain of traditional business norms) is just as important in the beginning as it is throughout the process.

What I know for sure is that we are all connected and that the energy of what he has done just shows that it is possible… I love the shift that is happening in the business world.

Tell me your favorite quote from this interview… (there are SO MANY!) Mine is “Believe in your dreams. Dream big, then dream bigger”. Watch the full episode here.