The moment we surrender, we unravel things exactly the way they should be

LOVE LOVE LOVE Mondo Beyondo. I know… I keep on raving about it. The course is made up of audios, art and exercises. Today I listened to an audio from Shauna Ahern – The Gulten Free Girl.

Loved the energy, the story, and well, her name alone is pretty friggen awesome LOL.

Jen Lemen was this fantastic interviewer too… her energy, laughter and saying the things I wanted to say!

In this interview Shauna Ahern talks a bit about her journey being gluten free but most of the interview is about the love story of how she met her husband and about how when we surrender and let things happen, they begin to unravel just the way they are meant to.

I think my love for this story also rides deeper since I was her a few years back (7) when just about everything in my life seemed to be going right except for my love life.

I had a business that was growing and I felt like I was living the dream. I had never been fitter in my life. I was making money doing what I loved… PLUS,  I was traveling a lot, journaling, and even kayaking in the mornings to start my day.

I still remember on my birthday that year… I actually got friends together to celebrate (prior to that I never really liked to celebrate me)

On that same birthday, I had decided I was done… done with the blind dates, done with set ups with friends that supposedly knew me, done with online dating, done with hoping the next dude was “the one” and done with looking to see if every guy in Capers (like wholefoods) had a ring on their finger and hoping perhaps I could bump into him to choreograph a “chance” moment to fit a love story I had in my head.

As someone addicted to “control”, it was so freeing and empowering to just feel like I had closure on that chapter… and really closure on the exhausting DRAMA of searching for “the one”.

I knew my life was rich just the way it was and that I didn’t need anyone to “complete me” as I was very complete.  I loved that with the decision to be alone forever I could just kill the dream and put an end to the struggle that seemed to go with it.

But with all true dreams, the Universe always comes back with whispers to remind us that we only have dreams that we are meant to manifest.

Just a few weeks after writing in my journal and proclaiming to my best of friends that I was DONE… I went to a friend’s birthday where I was the ONLY single person. Everyone else was in long term relationships.

Not just relationships, but beautiful loving relationships.

Driving home, I didn’t leave with jealousy (which, to be honest, often happened at that time) but with a pure joy that I witness such love and possibility in that room.

Then I still remember the smile and the moment when I heard the whisper inside of me that said… “Who-are-you-(friggen)-kidding Shauna Mae!!!!!! You do want this… surrender to wanting it, stop being the tough mama that thinks you don’t need a guy, it is not about completing you but about sharing the joy of your life, let your guard down, be vulnerable and trust that it will all happen exactly when it is meant to happen.”

That same night, I turned on my computer, opened my online profile that I had put to rest a few months back and with my heart wide opened, I “smiled” (online term for letting someone know.. “I see you”) just one guy…

And well, the rest is history… first date we stayed up talking like we had known each other forever, moved in 6 weeks later, bought our first place together at 6months…

What Shauna Ahern said in the interview about easy was exactly true… there is an ease when we surrender and dream without expectation.

Don’t get me wrong, the relationship still takes work and it isn’t us floating in la-la land… but the gift of receiving something I always knew I wanted but was too scared to admit, was easy when I surrender to how and when it would be delivered.

Thank you Shauna Ahern for reminding me about my love story. It is easy to get stuck in the day to day routine of the kids, the bills, life and forget about all the beautiful stories and moments that make up our lives.

LOVE to hear moments of surrender in your life and what unfolded. Please do share…

PS. A friend of mind just signed up for Mondo yesterday… so if you are sitting on the fence… I am screaming from my soap box… the moment is now… as this program unfolds I am more and more amazed. The richness of your dreams and life awaits you. Click here.