Creative Soulful Purpose – My journey… illustrated

I am a big traveler/backpacker and love to see the world, but when I am at home… “I am at home”. As my son would say, “Mommy, I am a home-body just like you!”. (Gush of Love 🙂 )

I have created a home business not only because it is convenient for my family, but because I also love to nest in the comfort of my things and own space…(that’s probably why I am always painting and drawing houses!) The video below is all about the amazing space and retreats that I can see as my life’s purpose. I can, of course, do retreats at any time, but the video below is about the creativity retreats as a blend of my love of the work I do (inspiring women), the creative vessels I use (kayaking, painting, photography & journaling) and with the family I love.

I am not sure the “HOW”.. and as I learned this morning… that is the ego’s journey… and not the soul’s journey. So the video below is all about my soulful journey. I invite you to come step into my world for a few minutes…


For those of you that are interested in the guided visualization, I will share with you my “secret weapon”… my mentor and coach… Andrea Hess. Here is the link to Andrea’s free videos. It’s about 35 mins long, but well worth the time since you are going to get your soul’s purpose at the end of it 🙂

If you are looking for Finger Painting for Financial Flow… I will be rolling out this program tomorrow… (AH I said it and now I have to do it!) Really looking forward to sharing with you this exciting program. If you sign up for my manifesto on the right hand side there and you will be put onto the list to find out about all my upcoming programs.

Until tomorrow…

With much love and joy,