Share your Turquoise Life… I will support you

So late last night I pressed “publish” on a blog post that made me stand two feet in vulnerability. In it, I claimed I wanted to do more of what I am passionate about… being an artist (doing my turquoise art) & building an online creative community. A part of my mondo beyondo journey.

Then this morning I was once again gut wretched with butterflies and nerves as I sat in front of my facebook profile wondering if I “really” needed to press the “share” button to post that article.

Wasn’t it enough that I wrote the thing… if anyone wanted to read about it.. they could “find it” on my blog.

But… that’s what I like to do… step half way in being vulnerable and say to myself, “Good Enough… The world will find you if they want to look for you.”

But that’s exactly what the article was about…. standing in the power of what I wanted to do and claim to both the UNIVERSE and myself that I am ready to show up, not “Good Enough” but 100%!

So I pressed the “Share” button.

I was supported by lovely comments and energy of my online community. Thank you!

Well, less than an hour later… the Universe sent back a MASSIVE MESSAGE… a message that said… Share Your Turquoise Life… Share your JOY and when step fully into this energy, I will support you…Love, The Universe.

I got an email from Erin Olsen from the website “House of Turquoise” that I had won a random draw for the turquoise dress of my choice! Just crazy…

First off, that there is a community/tribe that obsesses about the color turquoise like I do… and secondly that my entire art vision that I want to create has of course.. turquoise all over it.

I am absolutely in full FULL…. FULL! gratitude for the massive sign… the Universe mirroring back and saying… “Way to go, I support you!”. (And you also get this FABULOUS Turquoise dress from La Posh Style! (MUST CHECK OUT FOLKS… amazing prices for GORGEOUS dresses!)

So stay tune my friends…. the birth of something incredible is just around the corner… and this is only week 1 of my Mondo Beyondo Journey!

With much love,