Practice Random Acts of Kindness – How it can be done

January 23, 2010

Behaviors are contagious. Have you ever noticed that if you experience one bad thing, your whole day turns sour? The same is true in case of experiencing one good thing. Good feelings linger on. Happy people spread more happiness. So, how can you get more of this in your life? Easy…  Practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Kindness releases a happy drug effect in our bodies.

Start looking for ways you can help out and “be kind”.  By being kind when people least expect it, it triggers a wave of gratitude and happiness in both the giver and receiver.

  • Take a look around as you go through you day. What can you do to brighten up someone elses day. From as simple as giving up your seat to an elderly person, to running ahead to open a door for a mom with a big stroller… the simple tasks bring great joy to the receiver.
  • Keep a smiling face. And be genuine. Anyone can detect a fake smile. Create a positive energy inside yourself. I love it when I see someone just lost in their day… going through “the motions”. I love to get their attention, smile, get them to smile back and be on my way. With the simple smile, you can say, we are all human with the human need to connect.
  • Notes of Gratitude. For those that you know or even don’t know for that matter…  Writing notes of gratitude and leaving them for co-workers or family to say how much you appreciate them is a great way to practice random acts of kindness.
  • Pay it Forward. You might have heard the toll booth story before… about someone driving up to a toll booth and paying for the 8 cars behind them during the morning rush hour commute. Imagine the joy of receiving that as you go through what you consider the mundane journey to work each morning.  What is amazing about that story is the happy feelings it triggers in the receiver and in turn creates an energy of giving all day long.
  • Start at Home. Although great to bring joy to complete strangers, it also needs to begin at home. By doing things of kindness that are unexpected, you can connect and bring joy to your loved ones.

Practice random acts of kindness to see the richness of life in your family, friends and the community you live. Small steps to big changes will happen in a magical way.