Power of Positive Thinking

December 27, 2009

c9cd9e3750782886We fall into habitual routines, and so does our mind. Ideas stay with a person and become fixed with age. Were you brought up in an environment where you heard the word ‘lack’ most of the time? Then, in all probability, you have grown up believing that there is lack in the world. Lack of everything; love, money, kindness, success etc. These are negative thoughts thrust on you. Positive thoughts work in the same way. The power of positive thinking is much greater than that of negative thoughts.

Analyze your life. Take one good thing in your present situation. Maybe it’s your house. Maybe it is a car, or your job. Very ordinary items, you would say. But the truth is your thoughts influenced the Universe to send all these things to you. And you may not have even realized it.

You might have wished for a particular car or a job a few years ago. Then you got it/ them. And now you take them for granted. Want to know the real story? Your thoughts created these things for you. If you think a major part of your life is a mess; it’s your thoughts again. When you think your life is chaotic, it becomes just that.

So if words and thoughts have that power, how can we turn that to benefit our lives on a daily basis.

Affirmations are a popular method of shifting thoughts into the positive mode.

  • Write your affirmations in a positive present tense first person form. If you want to be healthy, write, ‘I celebrate life.’ The present tense makes your mind believe you are already celebrating and grateful.
  • Repeat your affirmations regularly. Write them and put them at a place easily and frequently accessed by you.
  • Repeat your affirmations in front of a mirror. The audio/ visual stimulation will trigger a strong response in your thoughts. Say your affirmations in a meaningful, confident tone. Believe me, it seems silly at first…very silly, but if you knew they worked, would you continue? Well, trust that they do and continue J.

Visualization- Visualizing your affirmations is the next step to strengthen your power of positive thinking.

  • To aid this process, find pictures that depict your heart’s desires.
  • Collect these pictures and put them somewhere you can see them most of the time daily.
  • A vision board is created for this purpose. Visual images stimulate your brain and send a message to the Universe. The Universe delivers a reply to that message in the form of actualizing your dreams and wishes.
  • There is no magic formula to this… but when you visualize it, you start to attract the things or ideas that can make it happen

Trust– Trust your affirmations and visualizations before you see them happen.

  • Don’t let any negative thoughts get the better of you. Be in that place where you just know.
  • Oprah calls it “sunrise” faith… you just know, that no matter what happens, the sun will rise everyday and it will set every night. You never question it. Have that same trust.

Believe – Believe there is goodness in everything.

  • Extract good traits in every circumstance. There is a positive side of everything. Seek that more, and more good and abundance will roll into your life.
  • Most of the problems faced in the world are because of negative thinking. Combat that by sending positive vibes everywhere. If everyone used the power of positive thinking, miracles would occur endlessly.

Give- Give whatever and whenever you can.

Start your morning with one thought; “What am I here to give today?”

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something monetary. It can be positive thoughts.

When you send positive thoughts of giving to the Universe, you open the flow and energy of good things to return your way. The power of positive thinking remains incomplete without the giving spirit.

Be consistent in practicing positive thinking. It is like a muscle that needs to get worked. The more you work it, the stronger it becomes and the easier it is to do.