Power of One to Change the World

July 4, 2015


So moved by this story and of the impact one person can have. On top of it, his humbleness is incredible too. He was 29 when he did this. If you click to read the article, take the time to watch the video in this article too. Amazing!! ARTICLE CLICK HERE

If he didn’t die a few days ago, I probably wouldn’t have come across it at all. This is the way they should teach History 12… besides the facts… what are the human inspirational stories that are woven in… where are all the every day angels and helpers.

I have just started reading Ellie Wiesel recently book “Open Heart” after watching him on Oprah. And in that interview he talked about the regret of witnessing the “unlived lives of the children that died”… I understood the statement but didn’t feel it until I saw that youtube video of the kids Nicky saved stand up. It is amazing the ripple effect that he never knew he would have in the world. Ah- makes my heart burst with love!

There is a movie on Netflix called “Nicky’s Family” –  It’s a must watch! The part that touched me deeply (besides all of it) is especially how those 669 are now connected to 5700 kids, grand kids etc… Plus their impact and contribution to the world since. It gives me such hope that the world can change one person at a time.