Personal Statement – What do you stand for?

January 18, 2010

A perfect post to bring in the new year… Now I have been business for many years, so I have also had a business mission statement. But more recently, I have realized that not only do I need a business one, I need a personal one. So, whether you are in business or not, have you ever thought about a personal mission statement? What is your reason for getting out of bed every morning? Do you jump out to face the day, or crawl deeper into the sheets groaning?

Ideally, you should wake up with a new zest to start the day. Corporate companies have a ritual of creating mission statements. These reflect the spirit of that company; the aim that motivates them to achieve it. But why should mission statements be limited to business professionals only. Business person or not, everyone should think about their own personal mission statement. Each human has an inner drive to be more of themselves or to have a calling for what they were meant to do on Earth.

Think deep. Listen to yourself. Find out what drives you. Often times people would say their motivation lies in achieving tremendous wealth. The truth is wealth is just a means to an end, not the end itself. You want wealth to help you live the life of your dreams. But what are your dreams, what are you meant to do here is your personal mission statement, not the dollar value you are meant to earn.

It is the human spirit that needs to be nourished. Set your mission around accomplishing that goal. A personal mission statement helps you to focus on your goals. And stay steady on the course. It works just like affirmations do. But it is aimed at bringing a more positive charge to motivate you.

  • Sit down in a quiet place.
  • Take a paper and pencil. Make a list of your personal abilities. This step is important because it helps to strengthen your belief in yourself.
  • Write about your past accomplishments all the things that you felt the most joy.
  • List all the qualities that were utilized in those achievements. Like courage, love, understanding, organization, method.
  • What story would someone write about you if they saw you years from now living the life of your dreams.

Study your list carefully. Your mission statement will be based on it. Consider the three ‘V’s before creating it. These are ‘Values’, ‘Vision’ and ‘Validation’. Foremost are the value and vision components.


Values define your innermost strengths and beliefs. Decide now what your true values are and that you will adhere to them.


Now pay attention to your vision. This will address an internal need and values. How do you see yourself in the future?


Validation is the milestone you set to achieve in the future. As you progress in fulfilling your goals, what milestones will you need to accomplish that will make you feel like you are on the right path.

Write your statement starting with ‘to’. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, write, “To be innovative and successful in my business.” If your mission is to be the best parent, example would be “To be patient, inspiring and supportive of my family”.

Add details. Write your purpose, and fix a time frame to check in again. Some personal mission statements are life time journeys while others are just moments in your life right now. Either way, once you come up with it, you should place your personal mission statement somewhere that you can see it daily. This will help strengthen your motivation and give you both purpose and energy.