Personal Retreat – The Power of Silence

Prior to having kids and a partner, someone who worked for me would take vacations without her spouse and kids. I recall thinking it was so odd.

Now however, with two young kids and a brain that doesn’t have an off button I realize that the power of silence is sacred.

There is an expression that says “you can’t give until your bucket is filled”. You can sometimes feel like a frazzled mess as things come undone. Time for yourself has to be consciously carved out, because it’s not going to carve itself out – unless it shows up through illness.

So as a part of self-care and to stop the freight train of thoughts chugging through my head, I decided to take three days on my own. Through a series of serendipitous alignments via Google, I found the Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC.

The power of silence gave me a few things:

  1. Break the Routine – Caught up in the doing and this retreat symbolized a break in the everyday.
  2. Silence the mind – As an entrepreneur, I knew I was at a crossroads as shiny new objects (opportunities) were FLYING my way. But in the middle of chaos is not a good place to make a decision.
  3. Allow creative thought – I was once told that I am always serious. True. I am serious most of the time… but my play is when I open my books, my paint set and just wallow in yummy inspirational thoughts. It is my way of allowing in creative thought and possibilities.
  4. Finally FINISH a thought – Those with kids will understand this one. I adore my kids. But completing a full thought is one of those foreign things to me in my downtime. When I am focused on business, I am in that space. But when I am at home, even when the kids are asleep, I feel like there are just too many ‘things’ to do. My thoughts never get the room to breathe.


Whether it is for 3 whole delicious days or even just one full 24hrs with you and your thoughts, think about filling your bucket.