One BIG THING – Finding certainty in the common thread

I recently read a book called One Big Thing. Initially I was resistant to reading the book because of the title, as I don’t believe we only have one big show… Instead, I believe that we have a series of shows throughout our lifetime.

The book was called One Big Thing, but what it should have been titled was Common Thread.

The older I get, the more eclectic my experiences become. I was the one in high school not sure of who I wanted to become. I remember wishing I was attracted to a single profession like many of my friends and I could just go on that track and not feel like I was idling.

If you’re like me, we are not alone!

I think that’s why people have mid-life/quarter life breakdowns. How can you at 18 choose the rest of your life? Hats off to those that can (or have)! You’ve won the jackpot the first time out.

The problem, though, for those of us that didn’t pick the lottery numbers our first time…. Or the 10th time for that matter… it is still human nature to search for certainty. The certainty that this is OUR ONE BIG THING!

After reading the book, I realized, that it isn’t about ONE Big Thing… but about the common thread. The common thread (between the stuff you loved or were drawn to) is your one big thing.

If you have the belief that there are no accidents and all of your experiences are a part of the foundation preparing you for the next step of your journey. Then it isn’t about ONE big thing, but the common thread is your certainty.

For me, all my favorite experiences that I wouldn’t trade (and now form my foundation) all have one common thread… they all, in the moment I was doing them, made me feel alive.

For others it might be, did they inspire others, did they all have a love of numbers, did they all have a love of meeting new people, did they all involve travel, or did they all have something to do with kids, animals or seniors?

When you find the common thread, you can become grateful (rather than resentful) of your eclectic experiences. Once you see the greatest of the mosaic of your life, you begin to attract more experiences that align with your purpose.