No Failures, Just Pivots

“No failures, just pivots” – That was the theme of a speech I did to a group of youth about 18 months ago. At the time I was supposed to take an inventory of my life and come up with some tips from my entrepreneurial journey.

It is always easier to look back in life for the silver linings than it is to find them in the moment.

I told a story from 1999 when I got diagnosed with Graves Disease. It was probably my largest pivot to date. In the moment, I felt like it was ruining my plans. But from that moment was a rebirth to a whole new life that I never knew I always wanted – being an entrepreneur of an inspirational magnet company.

Pivots are the cornerstones in the foundation to achieve growth. And sometimes a pivot can mean a change in direction, which means exceeding the expectations you had before. If I held onto the failure of my career versus asking what direction I was supposed to go into… I would have missed the opportunity to the path I am now on.

I remember around the same time getting to hear Oprah speak on her first “Live Your Best Life” Event. She said, “the Universe will dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself, so don’t wish for a car, a house, or things.”

I couldn’t comprehend that statement in its fullness back then. All I knew was the question, “What now?”

Funny thing is, whenever I am at a crossroads today, that is the same question I pose to the Universe: “What Now?”