My Turquoise Life – Screaming from the Roof Tops!

April 21, 2011

Ok, in the middle of launching my new Finger Painting for Financial Flow program … my coaches would shutter at disrupting the marketing flow…so I really “should” only be talking about my course. But as with all recent “shoulds” they are going out the window with the rest of the “have-to’s”…. because today is a special day… a REALLY special day.

I walked into a store and found my new couch! I can’t help but want to scream from the roof tops. THIS IS MY NEW COUCH! … so NOT practical to purchase a vintage TURQUOISE couch (and matching chair… oh and beautiful coffee table) but the fact that I can barely breathe just typing about it means I am DEFINITELY going with the energy of PURE joy! I’ll be sharing soon in a video all about how this magically happened… but for now, I have to try to figure out what to do with myself for the next WEEK as I wait for it to be delivered!!!

So, for starters… I have decided to dive into the world of turquoise and look online at all the beautiful things in my now…. absolutely… FAVORITE COLOR!

Vintage Pedal Bike

Cutie pie turquoise shoes...

LOVE how they just "hinted" a bit of turquoise the mis-matched bowls in shades of...what else... turquoise!

HELLO! If you own a turquoise couch... it is hard to own bright turquoise everything else. I am dreaming about a kitchen with hints of Turquoise in the chairs and back walls. LOVE IT !

Not sure if I could pull these off...I LOVE THESE... but not sure if I am quite funky enough for these amazing rubber boots!

But for now… I will have to wait the ENTIRE week… with my turquoise curtains and jacket for my couch and chair to be delivered. Wish me luck!

Um, perhaps I will work on that video for you guys now.

Happy Easter…

Much Love,


PS. OMG I realized that I am funky again!!! I have broken the practical mom, classic girl mould that only purchases things that are practical and that match with everything else, that blends. Ah… living consciously creative is wonderful 🙂