Shauna-Harper-ArtistConsciously Creative was birthed for the artist warrior inside of me that needed more “space to play”. The side of me that wants to attract others who believe everyone is innately creative and…

we create abundance when we are aligned with our creativity.

The side that knows that when we trust:

– our inner voice
– our intuition
– our heart

…the next step is ALWAYS shown to us.

You see, I grew up a bit of a black sheep in my fairly conservative family. With my family,  I was the loud, funny one (ok, a tad cheeky one) that gave my parents a bit of a heart attack from time to time. BUT, growing up, in public and with my circle of friends I was the conservative, non-risk taker, goody-two- shoes, scared to express myself outside of status quo (even a tad scared to have a lot of fun).

I was caught between two worlds not sure who I really was…

Near the end of 1999, due to an illness (to me, a midlife crisis at 27… I am one of those creative dramatic types), I finally had to face myself and ask:

What do I REALLY wanted out of life?

For the first time, I listened to my intuition (spiritual guides, the voices, the heart sounds that start off as a whisper) and created an amazing company that sold over 1.5million little glass inspirational magnets.

Sounds all dandy, eh?(I’m Canadian)… except, somehow, along the way with life’s distractions, I still find there are times I am knocked off the tracks (emotionally, spiritually & financially). So I continue the learning, the growing and the connecting with myself and others until the mastery happens.

What I know for sure…

– I am meant to be creative (not just artsy)
– I am meant to be deliciously abundant in all areas of my life.
– There is a ripple effect that happens when you live your life with intention.
– There is a magic that happens (where synchronicity meets passion) when I trust my intuition.

If you are someone that knows that:

– You are meant to express your creativity.
– You are meant to be deliciously abundant in all areas of your life.
– You want to find a way to connect more to:

Your intuitive side
Your creative side
Your manifesting “everything you want” side
(this is NOT the generic rah! rah! wishful thinking stuff! Not much of a cheerleader…sorry!)

…then you are in the right place.

I promise: to be transparent and share what I learn. This blog used to sell products I made, courses I created to help artists and share (via affiliates) the tools I liked to use. But my journey today in 2017 is just about documenting my life in hopes that it inspires others to also live their lives fully. Thank you for joining me on my personal blog.

With much love,



Official Creative Bio:
Shauna Harper is a born dreamer, storyteller and artist. In her day job, she is a digital marketing strategist, group process facilitator and managing partner at Live Work Communications in Prince George, BC. However, the spirit of her artist warrior side is always present. The side that wants to attract others who believe that everyone is innately creative and that when we trust our inner voice (aka intuition or our heart)…the next step is ALWAYS shown to us. She has lived the past 16 years with this open heart (and with fear as its partner). She blogs mostly about the journey she takes to put that tiny, yet loud voice of fear inside at bay, as she steps courageously into living a life with intention and purpose.

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