Marry Richard Dean Anderson or Marky Mark… what’s on your list?

I went to bed last night reading all about the last Oprah Show. I was completely moved… as I always am by her… and her simple but transformational words. Even if you watched her last show, there is something different about reading it and feeling the words. Click here to read it off her site.

So many light bulbs, seeds, ahas and take-aways fluttered through my head… but the one thing that just screamed from inside was that I needed to dream bigger. It isn’t about obtaining MORE but about living a BIGGER VERSION of who I am… a richness that is undoubtedly my life’s purpose.

Starting at 30 years old not having a vision (or PLAN) except for a passion of what she knew she wanted to do… and I guess a dream of amazing things to come and from there her magical life unfolded… and definitely something she could have never in a million years orchestrated as magnificently as the Universe delivered it.

So today I sit in week 2, day 4 of the Mondo Beyondo course and the exercise is to write my MONDO BEYONDO list.

I love lists… my husband would agree… there are a lot of “lists” in our lives (mostly created by me). It makes me feel in control… and on target… on “purpose”.

But one of the reasons I am taking the Mondo Beyondo course is that somewhere along my journey of “growing up” I have forgotten how to dream BIG…. no, I mean MASSIVE!

The current me likes to dream safe, obtainable, reachable.. and what I call, “wow better than I expected”…”boy aren’t I lucky” kinda dreaming.

But slowly over the last few weeks, I am dipping my toe into dreaming the old way… the friggen fantastic over the moon, jump for joy… “no way in a million years I would have ever thought this would happen” kind of dreaming… the “I am going to marry Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) Or Marky Mark (Mark Walberg)” kinda dreams 🙂 LOL!

Ok… so not all dreams are meant to come true…but it is the energy and passion for life that pulls you in the direction of JOY. Your dreams become a GPS pointing in the direction of joy.

The magic of the list happens when you forget about it. Because just by asking…. you already know that it has been given… or on its way.

So although I am itching to share it… I know there is power to knowing you aren’t going to share it. Power in knowing you will be the only one to see it. It gives you the freedom to let go and just play in the possibility…

So what do you dare to dream if you knew no one was looking and you didn’t have to figure a way to get there? Why don’t you join me and write a list of your own… or better yet, I think there is still room in the Mondo Course, join me here.