March 2014


There are many Chinese celebrations throughout the year. So when my hubby has one for his own heritage (Irish, Scottish, Canadian) he hangs onto it. Love this pic of him and GUINNESS (yes, named after the beer!) posing. One of these guys looks happier than the other – for sure!


The internet, combined with the dollar store, make it so easy to be creative. There are a million FREE downloadable St Patty’s day designs and illustrations. Then throw in bottle of green dye and you have a fun night out.


We celebrated with good friends and their kids. Everything is always better shared.



What does no make up look like at 39? I’m turning 40 this year. I still feel like I am not ready to turn 40 even though I am excited for what the new decade has to bring. I always thought of the number 40 as someone that has it altogether… or perhaps it was an age of older parents. Regardless of what I think, I guess I am going to be turning the number 🙂 .

I am no longer getting ID-ed at the liquor store and no longer do people say… “Really? You are almost 40?” Also I am starting to see all the wrinkles around my eyes and forehead etc. I know age is in your heart and not physical, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at these features.

While away (where I took these pics), I saw this video on a project DOVE (soap) did:

It made me realize that I needed to celebrate at every age how I look as it really does ripple into how my kids (and especially my little girl)will see themselves in the future. Also, I started laughing, thinking that one day, I am going to think 40 is really young… like I now do about 30 and 20. Age is so relative.

Here are some more pics that I took while I was in that energy of appreciation for who I am and who I have become.





So March ended with us making a trip down to the Okanagan. We were swamped at work and thought we weren’t going to be going anywhere for Spring break. It is funny how priorities all shift when family comes into play. My mother-in-law ended up getting sick so we cleared our schedule and made the trip down.

Nothing happens by accident.

Love the serendipity of how things get orchestrated. It became a working holiday (laptop in tow), family time, lots of relaxation but it also meant I had a chance to be a speaker at an event I thought I was unable to attend.


On a walk around the property we were staying at, I took the picture above. It was a random walnut shell that someone had chucked out – A heart symbol… just to remind me that we were meant to be here and of the energy of love.


One the great things on this trip was being able to sit outside and work. The kids played around the yard and house as I typed away at my laptop. It being snowy and -10C at home made it even more special to be out in the sun with our hoodies on.


I even added a glass of wine around lunch time to celebrate!


And then a family time break too! I will share in another post my speaking moment at the BC Women Lead conference. That was a whole journey that deserves a post on its own.


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