Magical things happen when you are “buzzing”

photoI recently moved to a small town in Northern BC… it is cold and I really don’t know anyone. My husband used to live here and loved it. He managed to somehow convince me to move myself, my business and young family in the middle of winter to this place.

I have been here almost a month. With us, we brought only what we needed to run my business (This is so that, in my head, I felt like I could be on the next plane back if I really didn’t like it 🙂 )

What has been amazing over the last few weeks is that I have been able to focus on my passion since I don’t have any of my material things to clutter my thoughts and life. Life has been very simple here. We are in a transitional home, so although it is clean (and tidy :)) my energy has not been drawn into staging it to my idea of perfection. Although I miss my family and friends terribly, I don’t have any commitments or ways to procrastinate.

I started my business before I met my husband and before I had the life I currently live… so I guess you could call it my first love (don’t tell my husband that though). My connection to my business over the last few years has felt stale and old. Nothing would compare to the excitement of getting married, starting a life together, discovering the unconditional love of having a dog and cat, and well, the birth of my 2 kids…. or so I thought…

In the last few weeks in this cold… and I mean cold place… I have somehow rediscovered the spark. The magical spark that first started the ball rolling. The spark that had me walk away from the security of my career and saying: I choose to go after my dreams… I choose to live a life that has balance… and a life that inspires me to want to get up every morning and not want to go to sleep every night.

Now that I am back in this energy, I realize I had forgotten how magically things fall into place when you are “buzzing”. I have been meeting people and making connections that I could not have masterminded more perfectly. All I have to do is think about the question and moments later, I am stumbling over articles, blogs or stories that have the answers. OR I get Twittered by the right person 🙂

Anyway, I know from my experience in the past that the “buzzing” is the laws of attraction in action. And now that I am in that space, I love it, because all I attract is more of it!

Because I had to de-clutter my life of the things I thought I needed… I was able to actually rediscovered what I truly needed. The magical spark I was missing was being covered by my things to do list, a million trinkets, and well…. way too many scarves and hats!

Thanks for reading.