Living in the Moment – The Power of NOW

June 29, 2011

Be in the NOW!

I have been told that around the solstice a lot of light comes and with it, messages from the Universe. Over the last week, I have been getting signs from all over about living in the moment.

First off my parents came to visit. I’m very close with them, but my family lives 10hours from them. My kids haven’t seen them in over a year. On the 2nd day, I was so upset to find out they were only staying for 5 days.. and not 7 because they needed time to drive home.

After speaking to my friend, I realized I had to “choose to live in the moment”… I could have wasted my time being upset, or treasured the time I had… I treasured the time.  Thanks for that lesson Jen.

Then yesterday…

You might remember, Terri Wingham, the cancer survivor that was off to Africa? She wrote a blog post about always being the person sitting on the side lines… the person that says:  I am being practical,  I am on a tight budget…

You must read this amazing blog post that shares the joy that comes when we allow ourselves to live in the moment and to do what we desire in the moment… and not worry about everything else.

What we desire can change from moment to moment… but all we have is just that… the moment. Click here to read how she got to swim with hippos!

I grew up always planning and carefully calculating just about everything. I craved adventure but was not willing to take risk… sound familiar?

Anyway, the signs that I have been getting over the last week are all about just going with my gut and going with the moment. Allowing myself to not plan, but to just ask “what do I want… right now!”.  I know that when I stand in vulnerability and the joy… and really get out of my head… amazing things happen (like riding down a flight of stairs on my mountain bike!)

So, don’t take things and this moment for granted.. Live today.

If you are still not convinced, you have to watch this video and my most recent sign that I need to live in the moment.

It is actor and comedian Shaun Majumder’s interview last night on George Stroumboulopoulos . If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, click here (Whole interview is great, but start watching at 10:30min to just hear the story about his mom).

Shaun shared a story about how you need to live in the moment, not let things wait or take things for granted. Watch it… it will move you to tears.

The short version of the story was he took his mom on a trip to Guatemala… something he had always wanted to do… something in his gut said, the time is now.  She died on the trip of a heart attack literally in his arms… Prior to that she got to swim with dolphins, climb the Mayan ruins and spend amazing time with him.

What would you do if you knew you only had this moment? What does your heart desire today? Please share below…

PS. Happy Birthday to my hubby… one of the reasons I love living in the moment 🙂