Just LOVE these photos

May 31, 2011

I love photographers that have a creative eye. Thanks to Nicole from Imagen Photography for these awesome shots of me and my magnets….and my BEAUTIFUL Turquoise couch. Also the top photo is of our beautiful 12 year old lab Barkley Harper.

I still remember meeting Barks for the first time. I honestly had no idea dogs had personalities… my family never grew up with animals. I remember thinking… “um, if things work out with Mick and I, he would obviously get rid of the dog” (meantime, Mick was thinking, “she said she doesn’t like dogs, this probably isn’t going to work out!” LOL).

Then I met the big puppy dog eyes, friendly smile and cuddly Barkley and was hooked. I think I instantly became a mom in that moment. Ah, love in all shapes and forms opens our hearts for even more love to come.