Jumpstart Your Life Through Art

April 8, 2014

Final Square Jumpstart

I am very excited to be teaching a live course at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George. I have actually taught all my creative courses online only… so when Carolyn from the gallery asked if I would be interested in teaching one live, I jumped at the chance.

The class is already half filled and the perfect size. However, with my busy schedule, I know the mountains I have had to move to be able to teach for 5 whole weeks. The chances of teaching another one again is very very very slim! So I knew it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t properly share this with my list and my friends.

I hope you’ll join us:

How do you nurture the dreams and big thoughts inside of you? We all have them within us…

Sometimes we are so scared for them to come out. Firstly, the fear never goes away…

But what if you could create the space? A space for your dreams to still bloom, despite that fear…

Welcome to Jumpstart Your Dreams through Art by Shauna Harper!

Jumpstart your dreams through this 5 week course.

This isn’t an art class…

Instead, this is a creative process where Shauna shares how to stop looking outside of ourselves and start looking within to create the safety net to dream, to celebrate, and to trust our own wisdom. She will share:

  1. Tools to dig deep inside of yourself to let the dreams bloom.
  2. How to refuel and fertilize those dreams with your own wisdom and stories.
  3. How to celebrate and honour your journey so far… no matter where you are in this moment.

The structure of the course is a combination between her storytelling and hands on mixed media art instruction.

PS. All participants must be willing to go on a personal journey using the power of art and creativity. No experience necessary… just an open heart.

In the end, it is often not even about the art or even the dreams coming true but more about who we become as we allow our dreams to bloom.

About the Instructor:

Shauna Harper is a born dreamer, storyteller and artist. In her day job, she is a digital marketing strategist and managing partner at Live Work Communications in Prince George. However, the spirit of her artist warrior side is always present. The side that wants to attract others who believe that everyone is innately creative and that when we trust our inner voice (aka intuition or our heart)…the next step is ALWAYS shown to us. She has lived the past 14 years with this open heart (and with fear as its partner). The tools she teaches in this course are tools she uses to put that tiny, yet loud voice of fear inside at bay, as she steps courageously into living a life with intention and purpose.

  • Register at Two Rivers Gallery. CLICK HERE
  • OR CALL 250.614.7800