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Do you know that your life is meant to be BIG!!! Not ROCKSTAR big but…I LOVE this life BIG

but you don’t know what that means, how to create it and you’re assuming that your time is just not now??

Dear Creative Soul,

  • Do some days feel like you are just going through the motions and everything is just a blur?
  • Are you frustrated by your current circumstances, lack of money, impact and a voice?
  • Do you wish you knew how to tap into the creative side of yourself to create the life that you want?

Does the following seem familiar?

  • You make enough to be comfortable, so you shouldn’t rock the boat.
  • You wish that the hours you plug into your J.O.B or business wouldn’t correlate with how much you make.
  • You want to search for a bigger meaning to life, but you feel like it is a bit too ungrounded and that kind of thinking is just for dreamers? (not sensible people like yourself)
  • BUT you also know there is a creative being SCREAMING to get out!

It doesn’t need to be that way !!!!

  • You can have the optimism back in your every day life!
  • You can look forward to getting up and starting with possibility
  • You can have a flow of money to keep living a lifestyle that is based on creativity, nurturing who you truly are, and even time for healthy lifestyle.
  • You can feel like a powerful creator of your own life and feel full of self worth
  • This can be done both grounded in the real world and pursuing your creative dreams.

Hi, I’m Shauna Harper and 11 years ago, I was a workaholic trying to climb the corporate ladder.  I didn’t have time to really enjoy my life, let alone worry about whether I was pursuing my dream. I knew my life was eventually suppose to be big, but I always thought, my time is not now…

But then my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with Graves disease. Although it shouldn’t have been a surprise, it was… But the sunny side to it all was that I was given a gift to stop my busy, hectic life. I actually took the time to think about who I was, what I actually wanted. I discovered I did have a dream, and it was the 1st time I had a chance to think about it.

What I discovered was that I wanted to Color the Universe! Sounds crazy… my parents even lovingly told me to “let them know” when I was finished. I wasn’t sure what it meant, but the energy of that statement gave me shivers down my back when I said it. The energy was about change, possibility, creativity and inspiration.

I started with a small craft table selling my inspirational glass stone magnets and turned it into a multi six figure business with stores selling my magnets all over Canada, the USA, and distributors in Australia, the UK and Singapore.

I turned inside to find the answers of what my life should look like. I tapped into my creativity that I knew was always in me. Doors opened, people stepped up to help like it was all suppose to unfold.

Instead of fitting into what appeared to be the only thing available (my life before), I was able to powerfully create a life that was tailor-made just for me.

Don’t wait to get sick, grab onto the reins of life now and live abundantly CONSCIOUSLY Creative and Juicy Now!

  • Are you sick of a life that is just mediocre?
  • Are you sick of a life that has you just getting by?
  • Are you not sure if you are even happy in life?
  • Do you want to know the difference between living and being ALIVE!
  • Are you ready to tap into your creative and intuitive side?

  • Are you ready to make an abundance of money living the life of your dreams?

I invite you to celebrate the new you that is inspired, full of life and joy. Come and celebrate the YOU that is living a juicy creative life full of adventure and new possibilities.

Welcome to the:

Consciously Creative Jump Start Virtual Course


  • What if you could wake up each morning and take care of yourself and allow the creative energy to flow through you to create what you want to create.
  • What if you didn’t need to ask how things SHOULD be done, instead you trusted yourself and the answers were inside of your creative self?
  • What if life was exciting, more joyful, empowering, you felt more confident and this energy just exuded from yourself?
  • What if you had a flood gate of knowledge, creativity and ideas?
  • What if you began to take better care of yourself and see your body as the temple for the creativity and the juice for your life.

Well this is all possible!

Join me in a 3 part online video course .

Here’s is the outline of what you will learn:

  1. How to create the space to think and see what is inside of you.
  2. How to combine your intuition and your dream to get what steps to take next
  3. How to increase the energetic vibration of your life to be the same level as what you want to create.
  4. Learn how to send what you want into the Universe and stand for the YOU that wants to shine.
  5. How to live the YOU that was meant to be and not wait for perfection but instead learn how to gracefully course correct.
  6. How to maintain, stretch your mindset and add momentum to attract the right people and ask the right questions.

As an additional bonus, there will be a downloadable version of the audio as an MP3 recording and also done-for-you step-by-step templates for you to follow.


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Create the Life that you want to live!

With Gratitude,

Shauna Harper