Inspired Moments – The Universe leaves breadcrumbs for us to find our way

February 7, 2011

kerry-macleod-snickerdoodles-logoAt 1:24am last night my son had to go to the bathroom. I am always grateful when he wakes me up because he is the sweetest little thing at night. All groggy and cute as a button.

Anyway, after putting him back down, I stayed up staring at the ceiling for about another 10mins or so. I was thinking about my course going live the next morning. While laying there in my “happy mode” that I actually got module 1 finished despite the fact that I was quite sick, I had an inspired moment…What I like to call an IM.

For some random reason (ok, it’s not random, it’s called the Universe having my back :)) I remembered a friend of a friend called Kerry Macleod. If you haven’t heard of Kerry, she has a blog called Snickerdoodles. It is a site where bliss just exudes. You can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pure joy when you read her posts, listen to the music on the site and see all the simple beauty daily life holds.

Her name popped into my head as someone that I would love to gift the Jumpstart course. Like me, she is a creative spirit from the core. This IM (inspired moment) lasted about a second, but I knew that by the morning I might forget it.

When we get inspired moments, it is important that we take action. Yes, it was 1:30am by now, and I should have just left it until the morning. I should have just gone to bed. But over the last few months I realized that whenever I hear myself think or say the words “should have”, I run the other way.

So instead, I picked up my iphone and sent myself a quick 5 word email: “email snickerdoodles in the morning”.(I couldn’t remember her name at 1:30am…sorry Kerry!) It took less than 30 seconds and I was off to bed and asleep probably within minutes.

IMs don’t come to us RANDOMLY (like I said above)… they are the Universe’s little way of leaving breadcrumbs for us to find our way. I ended up not only connecting with Kerry this morning, but having a kindred spirit moment as well.

The wheels are in motion and the energy is flowing.

Ah, consciously creative living at it’s best.