How to Stay on Purpose – Finding Miss Positive

Although it is raining outside, I know that summer is finally here because there is no snow! I apologize that it has been way too long since my last blog entry… a little over 3 months!

How to stay on purpose and perhaps find the Miss/Mr Positive in all of us

If you talk to my husband, he will be the first to let you know, that Miss Positive/Miss Creator of the Upstones (my little inspirational glass stone magnets) doesn’t live with him all the time! 🙂 In fact, I am sure there are days he wonders if Miss Upstone ever existed.

Well, one of the things I love to do to remind myself of my purpose and to connect to a place of gratitude is visioning. Through vision boards primarily… and also through keeping a journal, I am able to get back “on track” to my life’s purpose and re-discover Miss.Creator of the UpStones.

Vision Boards:

My vision boards are just a collection of images and words that I am drawn to that I have pasted onto a piece of cardboard. I take old magazines and photos and I cut and paste anything and everything that inspires me or visionmoves me to action. I then use these boards as a very powerful tool to remind myself of the feelings and things that I want to attract into my life…. or that I already have in my life that I am grateful for. Once created, I usually hang them around the house or take photos of them and place them into a frame.

What is amazing is the transformation of my vision boards over the years. To see things that have either manifested or to see things that are no longer of importance to my current life. It is like a visual journal of my dreams. Nothing is set in stone… I give myself the right to change my mind and to live and grow organically towards whatever is important in the moment. Vision boards have helped me set goals for my business, accomplish personal athletic goals that I could not initially wrap my brain around, find my soul mate, and most recently deliver both my children naturally. It is amazing when our mindset is in line with our dreams what can happen.

Some of the things I put onto my vision boards never surface or become reality. However, it is not about crossing things off my list, as much as it is about, opening myself up to possibilities of new things to come into my life.

My way of creating vision boards with scissors, old magazines, cardboard and a glue stick (or sometimes tape when I can’t find the glue!) works for me. However, if that is not your style or you don’t have the time or just can’t seem to get started, there are some newer methods that I have come across that maybe of interest to you:

1. This is Jack Canfield’s website where he has created a vision board kits. Great to check out if you have a problem getting started on your own. Sometimes a DIY Kit helps to get the ball rolling.

2. There is also this other great company that I discovered a little while back called They do online vision boards so that you can have stock images and words on your computer. It gives you a mini-video of your vision boards. Not sure if you can load it up onto your little handheld devices.. but I am sure it is probably possible.

3. The other option is to find yourself a coach to help you. Many coaches lead group vision board workshops. Sometimes when you just can’t get started, joining a group of people and watching them do it will motivate you. If you are in the Lower Mainland, Miriam Evers is an amazing Coach that sometimes leads workshops from the Windsong Co-housing Community in Langley.

You can also try to google: vision boards, personalized vision boards, vision board kits, video vision boards for more companies or options.


The other method of keeping on “purpose” is to write in a journal. Journalling has been such a powerful tool for me over the years. I used to keep a daily log, but now with time constraints, I usually journal every few weeks to months. I love to go back and re-read my entries to see the mind-space I was in just a few weeks before.

I journal or jot down quick inspirational ideas as well. Or I write in words how life would be in a perfect world… right down to the feelings of how it would feel. Sounds a little bit “out there”, but what it does is it gets the energy flowing where your thought are going.

And finally, writing in my gratitude journal is one of my favorite things to do. Being content with right now and also grateful of what you have is the fastest way to get out of rut and the best way to connect you to that positive energy that aligns you with little miracles that happen.

So the next time you are searching for the Miss/Mr Positive, hopefully you won’t have to look for very long.

Thanks for reading.