How to Share Who You Are with the World x 200 Million

September 14, 2011

As you probably know, I have BIG CREATIVE DREAMS! This stems from a little seed inside of me that knows (even when the rest of the world may not see it) that I am meant to be creative and live abundantly when doing so!

Now, I know there are no accidents…

Sometimes things work magically and there is no doubt I am “on the path”.

Then there have been times when I have wondered,

  • how did I get here?
  • what am I meant to do?
  • how is what I am doing really living my dreams?
  • how can sharing my creative dreams actually put food on the table?

That’s kinda how I stumbled upon Twitter.

I was a new mother of two with big huge creative dreams that seemed like they had been crushed with my desire to be a good mom. I had an amazing creative business, but I worked HARD… too hard. After seeing the beautiful eyes of my kids, I couldn’t imagine being on the road and working the way I had in the past.

I started to look for ways that I could make mon.ey using the internet and I put my creative calling aside… I felt like such a sell out. At the time, I never linked that what I was learning about internet marketing could EVER benefit my creative dreams.

BUT as the Universe would have it….

I now realize,

  • There are no accidents,
  • You cannot be disconnected from your creative dreams,
  • And everything has a purpose.

My creative dreams were like a magnet pulling me in… you can’t go past the magnetic field… the dreams always pull you back into the direction you are meant to go.

Now, 3 years later, all those times that felt like I was veering away from my creative dreams were actually just me getting ready to live them at a bigger level!

Times have changed in marketing a creative business and living a life you love.

Twitter has been hands down the biggest way I am able to dream as big as I do. I have connected to more creative entrepreneurs, found out more about courses (like mondo beyondo) and found more of my”tribe” of people!

As a creative business coach, living consciously creative is as much about me reaching inwards and listening, as it is about me reaching outwards and finding community and listening to others.

Twitter is the number one tool in my creative dreams to create a business and make mo.ney doing what I love. It is also the way I can travel the world and find artists and other creatives without leaving the comforts of my home and my little kids.

If you want to find out why and how I LOVE LOVE LOVE this social media platform, then I invite you to join me in a video where I share:

  • Why Twitter is the best social networking tool (over Facebook, flickr etc…)
  • What are the 3 BIGGEST mistakes businesses are making on Twitter
  • How to STOP wasting your time floating around Tweeting

Visit to sign up for the video today.

With Much Love,


PS. Especially if you think Facebook is the best social media tool for your creative dreams… then you have to watch this video!  

Click here to go there now… 

  • Seaston

    Amazing Shauna! This is going to simplify the social media “mystery” for me. Can’t wait to watch the video! Thx for putting your creative energy to work on this topic.

  • Kerry

    I need to watch this…can’t even remember my Twitter password for the life of me!