Fools Rush In: Matthew Perry and (ONLY) doing things I love!

What does Matthew Perry have to do with me wanting to ONLY do things that I love? I’ll get into that… but first, let me start off by talking about how I jumped into this to begin with!

I have been helping a client figure out how she lives so fearlessly… she is amazing!  She goes into life head on and has just the most amazing stories about living with intention.  While trying to iron out (to put into a free gift) what must be true in order for her to live so fearlessly, it made me journal about my own life.

Those that know me, know that I want to (ONLY) do things that I love. Since getting sick over 11 years ago, I have been on a mission to live passionately.

So, what needs to be true in order for me to (ONLY) do things I LOVE? It sounds like an easy decision. However, it still takes conscious creation and well…practice.

Here are top 4 beliefs:

1. Hell Yes – I talk a lot about this in my Jumpstart Your Life course… “if it isn’t a Hell Yes… then it is a Hell No!”. I know when a decision is a “HELL YES” because it is a feeling that I can’t imagine NOT doing. This doesn’t mean that you know the outcome or even the “how-to” of the thing you want to do… but it is a “no mater what” feeling that it is going to happen. By going with MORE HELL YES  than HELL NO! I am more likely to (ONLY) do the things I love.

2. Joy Test – Similar to the Hell Yes, but different! Hell Yes is usually for bigger decisions… but there are day to day little decisions and choices that I make in creating a life I love. For those, I use the “Joy Test”… having spent a lot of time doing the “have tos” and “shoulds” in the (almost) 4 decades of my life this was an important bar to set. The more we choose “joy”, the more we attract “joy”… it is that simple.

3. Shoulds and Have tos – As soon as I hear myself these days talk with “shoulds” or “have tos” it is really a massive bell for me. By noticing our language… it leads us to noticing our energy around the decisions. I like to think that on my “good days” I will not walk…but RUN in the other direction of “shoulds and have tos”. Of course, this is used in conjunction with the Joy Test and the Hell Yes feeling. This belief is a work in progress… being a mom, wife, daughter and friend often has me dancing and straddling the 2 worlds. But, being conscious and noticing is the first step.

4. Be Excited About the Possibilities – Oh my!! This is by far the BIGGEST thing that needs to be true in creating a life that I absolutely love. Do you remember the excitement of Christmas day or your birthday when you were little (or maybe even not so little)… the joy of new things? Well, when you become older it is often more about NEW feelings or possibilities!

Here is where Matthew Perry comes in… I am addicted to romantic comedies/dramas whether good or bad. And I know this movie is really NOT award winning by any stretch of the imagination… but I LOVE it ! “Fools Rush In” with Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry… well, there is a line in that movie where he says to her (while the rain is pouring and they are in the ambulance at the end…so cheesy…just love it!)

“You are everything I never knew I always wanted!” Man, I am a sucker for good lines.

Anyway, this is EXACTLY why I love constantly searching for things I love… not so that Matthew Perry will come and say this… I actually have an amazing hubby already… sorry Matty! But that when you go through life with your eyes wide open, consciously (he almost let her go because of work!) constantly in amazement, constantly tapping into your creative self… the side that creates the life that is richer, more connected, filled with love… you will discover things you never knew you always wanted.

That is why this belief is the KEY to creating a life (ONLY) doing the stuff you love.

Being consciously creative in the way we live our lives and being excited about the possibilities …

So if you are constantly finding yourself idling, stuck in overwhelm OR just plain stuck in your business even though you have all this joy to share and live… then I want to invite you to my latest course, Finger Painting for Financial Flow!

This course is all about how to get ourselves UNSTUCK in a creative and fun way…how to use your creativity to work through your thoughts and how to tap into getting more of the joy, flow of love, abundance and also financial flow!

I hope you’ll join me… It’s a crazy investment of only $30 until May 3, 2011. Don’t wait… go against convention, go against your shoulds and have tos… and act like Matthew Perry and BE A FOOL – Rush in towards creating a life you LOVE!

Much Love and Joy,