Flying Lessons – Massive Imperfect Action Towards My Dreams

"People of Prince George" painted at Summerfest 2011. To see the video of the creation of this piece, click on this picture.

I wished I had written about my journey over the last week … but I knew if I stopped for just a second to breathe… all of it might never have happened.

If you read my last few posts, you know that I have been inspired by the online group Flying Lessons that I have joined recently. Through this group I learned about the movie “Who does she think she is?” about women artists and mothers. And how those 2 different sections of my life need to figure a way to co-exist for the sake of my children (and really for the sake of me). How can I expect them to want to live passionate lives if I am not willing to jump with both feet in.

So last week… around Thursday I made the decision to announce to the world my latest “Hell-Yes”… Hell Yes that I am going to explore my art… not just talk about it or teach other people how to market theirs.

It actually came not so much as a Hell-Yes, but more as an out of body experience when I heard myself explain to yet ANOTHER person the “reasons” of why I am not doing my artwork… just quite yet.

As I walked away from that conversation, little voices (I usually have more than one!) in my head said, “Gad, I am so sick of hearing that story Shauna!”

And when I am sick and tired of hearing my own stories… it is time to create new ones.

In that moment, I realized my kids will never be the Vontrapp family (as I personally hate the sound of whistles), there will not be the PERFECT day to paint!


The perfect day to breathe is today…
The perfect day to look inside of me is today!

So, I made a decision on Thursday to take “massively imperfect action” towards what my heart has been singing all along… You, Miss Shauna Mae, need to paint. You need to step out and figure a way to paint.

As the Universe would align it, there was a festival in my town… 3 days later… in fact, I had been promoting it to “other real artists”… which at the time I didn’t think I fell into that category.

So I made the call to not just show up… but to paint the entire day! 10 hour show means 10 hours where my amazing hubby takes the kids and I either sit all day selling my old art work wondering what people are REALLY THINKING… or I engulf myself into painting and creating what is in my heart.

And as the Universe would have it, my business experience allowed me to whip up a quick, but very imperfect website and facebook page, to have people find me and to announce to the world I was going to be there.

So on the rainy Sunday morning at 7:30am…when I wanted to just go back to bed, I managed to allow the momentum (and the social accountability I had set up by announcing on Twitter and Facebook that I would be there) and the little spark inside of me to show up fully.

The one thing I had forgotten is how alive it feels to be scared (aka:terrified of doing something that might embarrass me or make me feel vulnerable). What it does do, if nothing else, make me feel ALIVE! (Similar to the mountain biking down a flight of stairs feeling).

And similar to the mountain biking post, once I started, there was no turning back and that’s when I started to fly… because it is then that I realized the courage was never somewhere else, it was always inside of me.

So for today…
Think about your dreams…
Suspend your disbelief that it can happen…
For just one moment…
What do you really want…
Who do YOU really think you are…

Watch this video if you want a little more inspiration to tip you into pool of possibility: