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Are You Ready to Finger Paint for Financial Flow?

From the Desk of Shauna Harper
Tuesday 11:11pm

As business owners, we all NEED a creative outlet….

BUT…. often times the way we are creative is how we showcase, teach or package our brilliance or expertise

BUT, what about the stuff you DON’T do so “Perfectly”?


What about the times you outsource the creative pieces like illustrations in your business because you think “I have yet to “master” being a graphic designer or an artist”?

  • Imagine having the courage to be IMPERFECT in what you do?
  • Imagine embracing vulnerability and it actually helping you to connect with your clients?
  • Imagine knowing HOW to get yourself back into the financial flow
  • Imagine getting yourself unstuck in a FUN way !!!
  • Imagine doing something where there are NO guarantees except that it opens you up to more possibility!
  • Imagine there being a way to generate income from this…

Now, whether you want to use your creativity to spark growth in your business, get you unstuck when you have a mental block OR you want to design a personalized gift for one or two clients, or you just want a creative outlet to play and visualize! I want to show you how to use your computer as a vessel for your creativity.

You see, what I know for sure is this…


Because… as a BONUS… the Ripple effect is…

We attract more creativity and out of the box thinking when we play in the creative zone because it just so happens that creativity resides in the same energy zone (or chakra) as financial flow.

That’s why the MORE we unleash our creativity, the more financial flow we have.

You are probably a darn good expert in what you do in your business.

But if you are outsourcing ALL your creative illustrations… you might be plugging up your energy zone of creativity… and in turn halting even MORE financial flow and abundance in your business!

I am so excited to invite you to:

Being the Creative in Your Business

Now, if you are like me,

  • You want the learning part to be EASY so that you can decide if this will even be one of your tools.
  • You know this isn’t your business,but you are always looking for opportunities to learn, have fun and play.
  • You know you have been STUCK before and have STRUGGLED with getting through the obstacle with ease.
  • You think playing is JUST as important as working in your business
  • You know that being vulnerable and sharing a new piece of yourself is scary, but what’s scarier is idling and doing the same thing over again…and been BORED (or staying Stuck!)…UGH!
  • You love doodling and drawing.
  • You consider yourself as a creative being.
  • You understand that playing in the creative zone also means you are dancing in the financial flow zone.
  • You are willing to invest in your business and yourself.

This course won’t be module after module of painful technical training…(YUCK, how un-creative!)

It will simply be 2hours of videos separated into bite size pieces for you to follow along with ease.

Course Starts Today!

You will be sent access to the program via email

This course will show you the steps to rediscover the creativity in your life and how to use it in your business to get unstuck and to move forward in a fun way. As a bonus, you will also learn about products that you can create with those illustrations (if you choose!).

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Creative – How to spark the illustrations and creative flow needed before you design something. As entrepreneurs we are conditioned to think in ways to create money, grow our businesses and find more clients. This section will teach you how to switch gears and dance a bit in the world. I will teach you the techniques I use to travel the world with my eyes wide open (from the comfort of my couch) for creative ideas to come to me. I’ll also teach you, what to look for and how to look for it… this is the first step in being the creative vessel. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”
  • The Paint – How to virtually finger paint without getting messy on your computer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. (Great for the times you just don’t want to clean up PAINT!) You will learn how to use a digital canvas, not as a graphic designer, but as an artist you are meant to be.  You’ll learn the basic techniques from fonts, stroke lines, colors, and ways to combine them in a beautiful way. I will also teach you short cuts and secrets I used for those that think they can’t draw! I’ll also teach you how to use stock images and customize it to your own style. (You don’t HAVE to have these programs to do this course… see FAQ). I’ll also touch upon ways you can still “paint” if you aren’t ready to use the finger painting method after you have learned it.
  • The Products – Once you have your designs and creations, how to turn them into products or use them for yourself, friends, family or your clients in your business. You will not only get a list of resources… but I will go over the uniqueness and the hidden gems from each resource so that you are able to see how easy it is to create products from 1 item to infinity! This can be from a deck of cards, journal, mug, magnet, t-shirt, iphone covers to a pair of customized running shoes!
  • The Technical– Now, you don’t need the tech lingo, but it sure helps in income creation and if you want help from the design community! So I will throw in a quick section on the tech lingo so that you don’t get overwhelmed if you need to bring in some help.
  • The little BIG differences – These customized gifts or products from your heart to your clients’ home will help you solidify your relationship and connection…these are the little big differences that go a long way. I will go over some ideas on how to leverage your products and how to get more financial flow from your creative ideas.
  • BONUS: The Visionary – If you are sick and tired of a boring business plan that doesn’t visually motivate you… then you will love this section as I give you a taste of my program on how to creatively illustrate your visions and dreams for your business to get the creative juices flowing. The Digital Illustrated Business Plan = clean, easy, no glue, scissors or mess… and you can change it easily every time you decide to switch gears… let’s face it… as creative entrepreneurs, we “sometimes” change our minds!!!

Give me 2hours and it will change the way you look at your life, computer and business forever!

Now I was going to make this course $297… the price that I make most of my online programs. It is well worth this, if not more!

(For heaven sakes, the going rate for an average graphic designer is $75-100/hour)

HOWEVER, I wanted this program to be a no-brainer and easy for entrepreneurs to invest and test the waters of their creativity…

Although we “get” that being vulnerable is where all that yummy juice creative energy is born… we often don’t jump with two feet in!




Your Investment Today = $97CAD

Sorry course currently NOT available

I can’t wait to “see” you at there. Click here to sign up today!

With much love and gratitude,

Shauna Harper

PS. What have others been saying?

I had a blast using the material in the video 2 of fingerpainting for financial flow. Thank you for reminding me of the end and not the how to find new way of thinking. I’m send you the “you rock girl” pic to thank you. – Sylvie, France

PPS. Don’t want to scroll back up? Click here to sign up now.

For more FAQ… click on this link to visit specific questions.