February 2014


We live up North in PG still and love it there.  But any trip I get to make it down south to Vancouver is always a treasure… especially the beginning of Feb. We are still under a deep freeze in PG, so seeing this (pic above) in Vancouver makes my heart sing – LOUDLY!

I was down for the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) conference as a speaker. I LOVE connecting outside of the city with others passionate about growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This trip was well worth all the connections and also what others are doing in their own cities across BC.

The HIGHLIGHT of this trip was meeting Amanda Fenton and sitting through one of her creative facilitations. She has a way of harvesting conversations from a large diverse group that is engaging and inspiring at the same time.

I used to find people like her and get inspired… then I’d jump to the “I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!” – Hence the scattered yet inspired trail I have often lived.  I found myself reflecting on my personal growth at this conference. Instead of jumping to the “I WANT TO DO THAT”, my mind has now shifted to “how can I bring someone into doing this for our group!”. To me, I see it more as a sign of growing and being more sure of what I bring to the table. Hoping to bring her up to PG (and the North) in the future.


(ABOVE PIC) Amanda writing down the key points from one of the “harvests”.

IMG_7696Oh joy joy joy when I see this pic of my girl lion dancing. Prior to coming to a smaller community I often wondered whether my kids would get the cultural exposure of being (half) Asian.

Over and over again, I have found a richness that I never knew could be this intense with life in a smaller town. I am very grateful that our city has a Chinese association and our kids get to participate in the lion dancing. Besides exposing them to the culture, the welcoming and loving community has been important to me too.

I realize more and more as I get older that I only know how to go into DRIVE/hitting the gas mode. I love bulling through things… even when it is about enjoying and relaxing… “Eg. Ok, let’s relax for these 2 days of the month.. ok and… GO! ”

So being in this smaller community has at least turned off a lot of the distractions and turned off a lot of the choices. This may seem bad to people that love a lot of choices. And I probably would have argue this if I still lived in Vancouver… however, for me (and our family) this means that when we do something here we are so grateful that it is available and we really celebrate it and give it all our energy.

I am beginning to see that it isn’t even the THING you do, but the way you do, the people you celebrate it with and the connections you make. Oh… and the little moments like seeing my kids dance with their daddy at the end of their last lion dance performance. #lovelovelove



That been said….. having beautiful accessories don’t hurt either! Yes, the more shallow side of me 🙂 . Hubby bought me for Valentine’s Day (after me dropping hint after hint about PINK being the new Turquoise this year), this beautiful handpainted wooden bracelet.

I am probably one of the more conservative people when it comes to my wardrobe. At least I feel that way. I like classic pieces that will last the test of time. But for the accents… well, that’s another story. I have a SUPER FUNKY girl screaming to get out. So I’ll put on my black “something or other (insert skirt, shirt, dress, pants)” and then all I need to do is put on my funky boots or my necklace that makes me sing and presto! … I feel like a million bucks!



The joy of the Olympics was the next February highlight. The Olympics is the ultimate illustration that success is contagious and that “high tides rise all ships”. Our family was quite aware that we were not AT the Olympics or an actual athlete (or even know one personally that was competing for that matter)… however, we watched and celebrated the wins like it was us winning.

Seeing the joy in the kids when Canada would win was so beautiful. Love the connection of the human experience. Here’s a pic of us getting up early to rally the Men’s Canadian Hockey Team to Gold.


Loved this month for sure!

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