Everyday Angels


It has been a very tough couple of weeks juggling our very full lives. We honestly could not be doing it without the support of our amazing friends & staff in PG that stepped in to help out at a drop of a hat with the kids… and now after knowing I’m going to be on the road for a long stint – we have been down in Vancouver to get support from my parents and sisters.

This morning I woke up early for the first leg of my trips to this awesome note from my mom on the stairs! I will never never get too old for this stuff.. Then my 76 year old dad got up to drive me all the way downtown at 5am to the bus depot!

Now – It doesn’t stop there… I get to the bus depot and have no cash for coffee & there’s no ATM … The security guard says, “Let me buy you one” I smile, thank him and say no, no it’s ok…I walk away awake and filled with joy from his random act of kindness… just then I pass a sign that says “good karma – pass it on”. So I’m passing it on by sharing this story. Join me as I direct my intention to spotting the everyday angels in life. We all have (busy) full lives that are not always in our control, but what lens we look through is always up to us.