Dream Doodling – Guatemala

Dream Doodling – For some reason I’ve been drawn to the country of Guatemala. One of our dreams is to take the kids back with us to help build a school. This doodle is my version of a vision board of my family there.

Years back, before kids, I spent 3 weeks travelling on my own throughout the country. The entire time, I felt safe. I spent a week with a widowed woman in a little village off of Chichicastenango. I got the chance to head into the jungle to collect medicinal plants with a group of village women, tried to learn Spanish through a guide I had hired and watched hours upon hours of kids playing joyfully with next to nothing. I even stayed overnight on my own in Tikal so that I could be one of the first to stumbling my way around the jungle with howling monkeys to see the sunrise.

Then years later, I met my husband and we backpacked there. Again this was all prior to kids. It was his first taste of backpacking and he was hooked. We’ve always wanted to go back!

I didn’t realize all the political turmoil the country has gone through over the years since I’ve been there. It is great to know they are now in a more stable period again with this new president.

Looking forward to sharing the beauty of this country, their textiles and above all else the amazing spirited people with our kids.