Creative Journey – Coming Back to Alignment!

March 21, 2011

I love when I am in alignment… when things flow and when things come with ease. Today is Monday… and I started this morning being a little “off my path.” Just one of those, kids didn’t sleep well… meaning I didn’t sleep well… my body tired from painting (renovating kind …not happy creating kind) and cleaning a place that wasn’t mine. PLUS, a whole pile of “to do’s”… Plus just being in a ‘bad mood’ since it snowed on the first day of spring.

After snapping at my husband last night, for honestly… no reason (sorry honey!)… I realized that I was out of alignment. Funny thing is, I woke up, still out of alignment. Love how the Universe doesn’t let me get away with the journey I am meant to take.

So, instead of jumping into the work I needed to do (and there is lots!)… I realized I needed to reconnect. Reconnect with who I am and start from a place that is whole and resourceful… and above all yummy, juicy and creative!

There are many different ways that I do this. One way that I have done a lot of recently is listen to recordings of myself talking to either a coach, a client or friend when I am in alignment. These are recordings when I feel great and wonderful about life and I am in the creative energy.

Today while listening, I had my computer turned on and I just started to draw… and besides the gift of reconnecting back to what is in alignment to me…. I also birthed these beautiful tulips! AH… being consciously creative! So… Happy Beautiful Monday to you… I’d love to share these with you!

The secret to the creative journey is about finding your own roadmap to connecting back to alignment. Great that you heard how I did it… but what I want to share is not how I did it as much as it is about finding what triggers you and noticing that you are off your path… and then finding “YOUR WAY” of getting back on to the path of ease, joy and creativity.

Happy Creating!

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  • Kelly ONeill

    Shauna, I love your page. It’s true how easy it is to disconnect even something as simple as the weather can influence our day if we let it. I’m so glad that the universe led me to you, I’m feeling really connected and on track with my life’s journey. Thank you for being here.

    • Admin

      Thanks Kelly! Excited that the Universe led me to you too. 🙂