Create More Moments – Waiting at the Hospital

Today is the first day back to our normal routine. Just over a week ago my little girl ended up in the hospital after getting a concussion. It is hard to see why things happen… and as a mom, I would love to be able to erase the ringing “bang” sound of her head hitting the metal slide from my ears.

I often try to find the silver lining in things. Although it is a great way to shift the energy, I have to admit, I think I can easily send myself batty trying to be positive and find the reasons instead of just being in the moment.

But once some time has passed, the massive AHAs come easily without effort. Today’s post, I wanted to journal some of these AHAS so that I can calm myself the next time. Nice to always know… the Universe has my back.

Moments and AHAs that were created during and after waiting at the hospital.

1. Getting a lot more cuddle time with my very independent little girl –

2. Falling in love with my iphone (again…or even more!) – I discovered Instamatic while waiting at the hospital and I feel like I am an “instant” photographer now. Touch of a button, I can do a tilt-shift (make the background blurry) and change the color or composition. I am now taking photos of everything and anything… even those imperfect, un-pedicured moments ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Seeing brilliance in everyday moments…like just sitting around.- My entire view of life and photography has changed since last week. I used to take photos of the kids smiling at us and posing. We also always need to be “doing something” to ward a photo moment! But, all ofย  sudden, I now see brilliance in the bowl of cereal that is half eaten, kids walking down the hallway, or us sitting around on an average day doing nothing but floating.

4. Playing in creativity without having a purpose.- With the kids at home, there is nothing to do BUT creative play… that’s all they know how to do! There is something about connecting to the creative side that just connects me with amazing ideas and flow for my business.

But the amazing part is that the initial creative playing had no purpose… it wasn’t like I sat there saying, “Ok, going to play with kids right now so that I get an inspired moment for my business”… it just happens… naturally…magically.

Can’t wait to share with you a course coming up this week all about Creatively PLAYING called Finger Painting for Financial Flow… It is about being vulnerable and allowing the flow to happen like it did for me last week (stay tuned… so friggen exciting… just need some time to roll it out now!)

5. Connecting with others and being vulnerable – Sharing a side of myself that isn’t perfected has always been hard. But, I also LOVE to try things and when I do, I am a bit (ok, a LOT) obsessed with them for a while. During those obsessive times, I discover and connect with people I would have never stumbled upon.

If my daughter didn’t get sick… we wouldn’t have been in the hospital waiting room for 4 hours playing around with my iphone to entertain her…. I wouldn’t have discovered instamatic… which meant that I wouldn’t have surfed all about photography and I wouldn’t have stumbled upon Jen Leman (see previous post) ….and wouldn’t have been inspired to take photos of everyday moments, and inspired to create a course all about creatively playing and being vulnerable in things we aren’t perfect at !!

Being vulnerable connects us with the energy of joy, creativity and excitement. (It connects us with other feelings too, but let’s focus on the good things ๐Ÿ™‚ ). So, to stay with vulnerability.. here’s a new pic of me that hasn’t been professionally taken !

I am sure I will receive many more AHAs … but for now, I sit here with pure gratitude on the “moments” that have been created.

Much Love and Joy,