Consciously Creative – Hellooo Nod from the Universe

Shauna Harper Creative coachingThis past week has been CRAZY with work. But a good kind of crazy because it’s the kind of work I am so excited to work on that I have to pinch myself.

I was already having a pretty AWESOME week when I received a letter that was just another huge “nod” from the Universe saying, “Hello?” (Imagine a voice like a parrot! Hellooo! One of my superpowers is “parrot talk” you know!) If you read between the lines the Universe was telling me to “Keep doing what you love”.

“I’m liking your consciously creative website!  I’m actually reading a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer right now called ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ and have read many books that run parallel. I think that some of this reading is finally starting to sink in and really make sense – kind of the opposite of what I was programmed to believe – so its been a lot of reading to even get me to this point! For me, starting this new business is a way to start living more of the way I want to live – I am out to live a more “consciously creative” life from here on in (it’s been buried for a long time), I have always done things b/c I had to or b/c they were safe for my situation.  I’m so done!  This step for me is huge b/c it’s so unsafe and outside of my comfort zone but all the more reason to do so! Anyway, it’s so great to see others that are aligned with who they truly are and living out their lives that are fulfilling to them….”

The reason for the Universe (remember the parrot voice?) screaming “Hellooo”…?

I think there was a point when I first started Color the Universe, and even when I first started coaching, that I wanted SO BADLY to convince people that they needed to “Do what they love!”

I’m one of those uber passionate people… just about everything!

Be it about Living Your Best Life seminar with Oprah, the best personal development course, the latest, coolest app on my iphone, or who I got to connect with online… I LOVE sharing and wishing others could experience what I do.

And it isn’t all about being a “Pollyanna” – I want people to experience the “lessons” I experience as much as the joy of finding a retro turquoise coach in PERFECT condition!

But in my journey over the past 18 months, what I have realized is that it’s not my job to “convince” people, or “sell it”. My job is to just show up fully in my life. From it, the people that are meant to stumble upon my work or that are attracted into my life will show up along side me.

All I need to do is show up as me… This is what this blog has all been about…What’s in my heart!

So, thank you Bonnie for popping me that email and reaffirming my alignment with my heart is all I need to do. I love connecting with kindred spirits.
Anyone else? Please do share… your energy fuels me 🙂

Love, Shauna

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