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Lessons, Lessons, Lessons… again

I swear, I have been through these lessons before… but, I got an opportunity to re-learn them again this past weekend. The Universe always delivers me what I need most. SOMEONE must believe that I learn best when I feel terrified and vulnerable. It matters to share my story. I guess how I ended up at the conference would be the best way to start… About a year ago I met an amazing woman called Deb Leroux while eating a hotdog during a break at Startup Weekend Kelowna. To be honest, I was quite zoned out most of that startup weekend…

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Are you too old to do what you love?

October 18, 2011

I just had to share this video from Marie Forleo. She is entertaining, funny, direct and an amazing business coach and mentor. I have recently started to follow her blog more religiously.

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Flying Lessons – Massive Imperfect Action Towards My Dreams

I wished I had written about my journey over the last week … but I knew if I stopped for just a second to breathe… all of it might never have happened. If you read my last few posts, you know that I have been inspired by the online group Flying Lessons that I have joined recently. Through this group I learned about the movie “Who does she think she is?” about women artists and mothers. And how those 2 different sections of my life need to figure a way to co-exist for the sake of my children (and really…

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Who Does She Think She is ?

August 11, 2011

It’s 12:47am and I just finished the movie “Who Does She Think She is?”. What an amazing documentary about 5 women artists that refused to choose between living their passion and being wonderful mothers. I have shared my story before of “pre-motherhood” and the fortunate creative life and journey that I have lived. I have even shared a bit about my story of birthing of my kids and how I allowed myself to be vulnerable and tap into the unknown.

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Bursting at the seams!

August 10, 2011

I am once again bursting at the seams with inspiration. Perhaps because the sun finally decided to shine for the summer in Prince George BC… OR… because I finally have my hands on the “Raising a Spirited Child” book and feel like I have some more sanity in my life….OR… because I slept 11 hours last night… yep… couldn’t believe it myself…OR… because I am currently taking Kelly Rae Roberts – Virtual Flying Lessons Course…  either way, life is buzzing.

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Art and Joy

May 2, 2011

The more I move into my creativity, the more the Universe has my path cross with creative and artistic people! I love it! Anyway, just thought I’d share this video that a Facebook friend posted on her wall… I couldn’t help but grin ear-to-ear the whole time while watch it. Enjoy! Happy Monday: PS. Share if you like it with the buttons below or above on Twitter or FACEBOOK. I love when feel good things go viral. What I think is amazing is that this video has been shared over 400,000 times… and to my complete surprise, there were actually…

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