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Art is Your Business Conference – The Universe Rises to Meet You

September 21, 2011

In my last post I talked how there are no accidents, how you can’t be disconnected from your creative dreams, and how everything has a purpose. Today, I am once again reminded about the divine order of ‘when you are living consciously creative,’ the Universe aligns you with amazing things. I saw a post on Facebook about an event happening a few hours from where I live called Art is Your Business. As an aspiring artist, I was over joyed by the chance to network with other artists and galleries, mentors and just absorb their wisdom. As I looked down…

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Creative Soulful Purpose – My journey… illustrated

I am a big traveler/backpacker and love to see the world, but when I am at home… “I am at home”. As my son would say, “Mommy, I am a home-body just like you!”. (Gush of Love 🙂 ) I have created a home business not only because it is convenient for my family, but because I also love to nest in the comfort of my things and own space…(that’s probably why I am always painting and drawing houses!) The video below

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Our Deepest Fear…

I recently had a client that shared that she absolutely hated networking and how it brought her back to high school when she was uncomfortable with who she was and the whole process left her full of anxiety. Then today, I was talking to a friend that shared that she told her coach that her biggest fear was that her clients would see right through her and would soon realize she wasn’t as amazing as they once thought.

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Vibrational Energy – What can you do for Japan?

There has been a lot of talk in our house & with friends about Japan and all that has been happening over the last few weeks. I have friends with family right in the area that was hit, so it has been very real to us. I was recently talking to a friend (we are going to call her Pat since she doesn’t want her name revealed!) about this and about the vibration energy that happens when natural disasters like this occur. What is the Universe trying to tell us and share with us when this happens? Why does stuff…

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