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Jumpstart Your Life Through Art

April 8, 2014

I am very excited to be teaching a live course at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George. I have actually taught all my creative courses online only… so when Carolyn from the gallery asked if I would be interested in teaching one live, I jumped at the chance. The class is already half filled and the perfect size. However, with my busy schedule, I know the mountains I have had to move to be able to teach for 5 whole weeks. The chances of teaching another one again is very very very slim! So I knew it wouldn’t be…

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How to Share Who You Are with the World x 200 Million

September 14, 2011

As you probably know, I have BIG CREATIVE DREAMS! This stems from a little seed inside of me that knows (even when the rest of the world may not see it) that I am meant to be creative and live abundantly when doing so! Now, I know there are no accidents… Sometimes things work magically and there is no doubt I am “on the path”.

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iPad crashing, 11:11 and a Control Freak’s Journey to a Homebirth

Are you someone that listens to your body, trusts the Universe and watches for signs? I sure am… the Universe has a way of magically revealing what I am supposed to learn, who I am supposed to meet, and what my next step is to take. My life has been full of these moments. A few days ago my iPad crashed and froze at 11:11am. For those who aren’t aware, 11:11 is a divine number that symbolizes something magical. If you Google it, you will come up with many different explanations, but what I believe it to mean is a…

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Fools Rush In: Matthew Perry and (ONLY) doing things I love!

What does Matthew Perry have to do with me wanting to ONLY do things that I love? I’ll get into that… but first, let me start off by talking about how I jumped into this to begin with! I have been helping a client figure out how she lives so fearlessly… she is amazing!  She goes into life head on and has just the most amazing stories about living with intention.  While trying to iron out (to put into a free gift) what must be true in order for her to live so fearlessly, it made me journal about my…

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Finger Painting for Financial Flow

April 20, 2011

Being vulnerable is where all that yummy juice creative energy is born… we often don’t jump with two feet in! That’s why I am so excited to present Finger Painting for Financial Flow! Check it out here… Much Love, Shauna

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Personal Statement – What do you stand for?

January 18, 2010

A perfect post to bring in the new year… Now I have been business for many years, so I have also had a business mission statement. But more recently, I have realized that not only do I need a business one, I need a personal one. So, whether you are in business or not, have you ever thought about a personal mission statement? What is your reason for getting out of bed every morning? Do you jump out to face the day, or crawl deeper into the sheets groaning? Ideally, you should wake up with a new zest to start…

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Power of Positive Thinking

December 27, 2009

We fall into habitual routines, and so does our mind. Ideas stay with a person and become fixed with age. Were you brought up in an environment where you heard the word ‘lack’ most of the time? Then, in all probability, you have grown up believing that there is lack in the world. Lack of everything; love, money, kindness, success etc. These are negative thoughts thrust on you. Positive thoughts work in the same way. The power of positive thinking is much greater than that of negative thoughts. Analyze your life. Take one good thing in your present situation. Maybe…

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