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When the worlds collide

It’s happening – slowly but surely, my worlds are beginning to collide together. I have been very good at separating and boxing up the different pieces of myself. As I move more into trusting that it is all still me – I am beginning to open up to the possibilities of a world with everything on the table.   A few weeks ago, this was posted on our business blog for Live Work Communications: Over the last few months, the conversation at the office table – and the kitchen table – is how do we continue to nurture creativity in our…

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Flying Lessons – Massive Imperfect Action Towards My Dreams

I wished I had written about my journey over the last week … but I knew if I stopped for just a second to breathe… all of it might never have happened. If you read my last few posts, you know that I have been inspired by the online group Flying Lessons that I have joined recently. Through this group I learned about the movie “Who does she think she is?” about women artists and mothers. And how those 2 different sections of my life need to figure a way to co-exist for the sake of my children (and really…

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