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Now if you have read this post and this post, you will know that I have been sharing about my experience from the Breath of Bliss course. My final overarching theme that happened to me was around Opening of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Sounds very woowoo, I get it.

For those that might not be familiar with the language or spots in our bodies, Chakras are centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. There are many, but there are a main 7 Chakras. Read about it here.

It is also known that when we have blockages in our life (whether emotional or medical) they are often connected to parts of our physical body related to the Chakras and what they mean. For example, 17 years ago when I had Graves Disease, I had major issues with my thyroid situated in my throat. It was connected to not really using my voice in my life.

Now, back to Breath of Bliss.

The last theme that came in was the Opening of my Solar Plexus Chakra and for me, if I didn’t actually experience it, I would probably not believe it either. So feel free not to believe. I am going to tell the story anyway.

As I lay there after the other 2 experiences, I felt like something was sticking out (under my heart and just above my stomach) of my body. Remember, I was in a dreamlike state at this point. As I put my hand there, there was resistance about half a foot off my body. I began to play with the energy (like you do when you have the window open and let your hand ride through the wind coming towards your moving car). The sensation was so real and I felt like I could hold it, move it, block it or clear it. It was like the entire Chakra was broken open and raw. My other hand just lay there holding it open.

I swear I was not asleep and instead was FULLY conscious that this was happening. My mind wandered from “what does this mean” to “I wish I had my cell phone so I could google which Chakra this was” (very much me!) to “I need sugar, this breathing feels like I have just run a marathon”, to then finally wrestling with my mind to just be, experience and enjoy.
Here is the image I drew trying to explain this experience.


After that final theme/experience my 2 hours was up and I was exhausted.

So, what does this all mean?

Not sure just yet, but what I know for sure is that my perspective is not the same, my curiosity level is high and my heart is open. It also meant that I returned home from this experience feeling a changed energy with my kids and a rediscovered patience for my life’s experiences (and people) as teachers of what I need to connect to and relearn in my life.

Now if you’re still reading and my experience has not made you click the “X” in the right hand corner yet, you might want to try this experience for yourself. Carla (at Chinook Yoga) will be doing this course (with the theme of Gifts of Imperfection) over the next 3 weeks left in July.  She also promises to do it again in the fall too if you can’t make it in the summer.

As she explained before we began, everyone’s experience is different. And it is not our “job” to chase an experience or dream we want to happen. I am also a big believer that what you need to work on most will always come to the forefront.

Interested? She’s amazing! Check out her personal site here.