Breath of Bliss – Birthing Within

Is it possible to ‘give birth’ without giving birth to a human child when you’re a human being?

Believe me, I asked the same question as I lay on the floor breathing. I am a practical person that likes practical reasoning, and the one thing this Breath of Bliss did for me was throw that practical reasoning out the window. Sometimes we need that – even if it is just for 2 hours.

So yesterday I wrote about the 1st theme here. The 2nd theme that transitioned through me was ‘birthing’.

As I lay on the floor breathing in circles, there was a feeling of birthing… like when I birthed my kids. For many moms that may not be a place you want to go back to, but for me, birthing of my kids, especially my first, was a very magical place. For the first time in my life I was fully present (as I really couldn’t be multi-tasking).

I was fully present and also very conscious of my breathing and how my breath and body controlled my experience. Riding the wave of joy and pain at the same time was very empowering. Never in my life since have I felt more invincible and connected than right after the birth of both of my kids.

To be clear, when doing this Breath of Bliss breathing, it is a space where you are almost in a dreamlike place where you feel like you can’t control your body at all times. It is a practise of being in the moment, not controlling, and just experiencing. Again, very hard for an A Type but so needed for everyone.

Waves of trusting and connecting to the sisterhood of motherhood came back to me again. What I mean by that is the connection to the energy of generations that have birthed before me and that made it through alive.

Every cell in my body was quite aware that I didn’t want another child, so when I realized that it wasn’t birthing another child, I burst into tears. It was crystal clear in that moment that it was about a birth, or more like a rebirth of me.

Connecting to my creativity has always seemed like a personality/entity of its own. But I have always put it into a box and named it, created a business around it and found a buyer for it – even when it is not meant to be sold. I have no idea what this all means but I do know that whatever is on its way (or perhaps came to me today) is much bigger than just me being an artist for the day. It is about weaving creativity throughout my life, as it is just as important to living as breath is to me.

This is the drawing that came from this theme. It is the closest to me explaining it.


Again folks… Just in case this gets posted on social media… No human baby is on its way.
What was even MORE weird is when I did the reverse connecting the dots thing, I remembered I walked into the room to start the Breath of Bliss that morning to a familiar face. I said Hi to an acquaintance/friend that was one of Carla’s helpers. Our circle of friends have crossed many times so I knew she was a BIRTHING DOULA. Only after this experience did I connect that it was a coincidence (I think NOT!) that she was in the room.

Thank you Cindy for being a part of this birth!

Anyway, yes, this is all very over the top so I will wait until tomorrow to share the last theme of Opening of the Solar Plexus Chakra. That is even more over the top for my practical mind to wrap itself around.

Over the top AMAZING that is…

I swear it all came from laying on the floor breathing.

PS. Here’s a picture of the ripple effect again… so that you can see the “impact” and ripple effect already in my life since this 2 hour breathing class.

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