Follow Your Heart!

May 28, 2015

There are many times you can’t figure out why you like a person… but there is just something about them! These 3 ladies with me in this picture are the perfect example of this in my life. “Trust the energy you feel and go towards it” is the lesson I have learned. With all 3 of them, I had no idea how we would work together again, but I just knew I wanted to get the opportunity. Staying in touch with people that you are drawn to is so important. The “how” part always comes later.  

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Everyday Angels

It has been a very tough couple of weeks juggling our very full lives. We honestly could not be doing it without the support of our amazing friends & staff in PG that stepped in to help out at a drop of a hat with the kids… and now after knowing I’m going to be on the road for a long stint – we have been down in Vancouver to get support from my parents and sisters. This morning I woke up early for the first leg of my trips to this awesome note from my mom on the stairs!…

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Be the Person Who Jumps in the Water!

As I turned 40 this year, a few of my closest girlfriends from high school decided to go to the sunshine coast to celebrate. Just girls … no families or spouses. We now live all over – San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto and Prince George. Our lives have gone in all different directions. Besides the obvious of seeing them and getting a chance to hangout, what I love most is that we can just be ourselves. All the quirks, the idiosyncrasies that make us who we are can surface and above all else a gentleness – aka: the love we have…

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Why PG Families should join the Re-Make it Challenge

June 9, 2014

Creative play together, building that camaraderie and team is important for cultivating the roots we need as adults to feel that no matter how much we may think we are messing up, we still have a team/family to come back to.

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Turning 40

May 13, 2014

Turning 40 Today! Our hearts, being a muscle, has muscle memory! Today I started my 40th year (it’s my birthday!). As I get wrapped up in my day to day life, I often don’t get a chance to talk to old friends when they aren’t a part of my daily schedule or to-do list. I love how certain people make an imprint on our lives and how they become a part of our heart for a lifetime. An old friend and I were trying to get in touch, but we kept on missing each other… but today, serendipitously, I answered…

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April 2014 – Cultivating Joy, Dreams & Learning Lessons from Others

My word for this year is presence… being present in what I do. LOVE this pic of landing in Victoria. Amazingly after only being in the North for 5 years, I have already forgotten that other parts of the world are not under a blanket of snow this time of year. I loved getting away for both the energy shift, but also to remind myself to be present. This picture was taken just outside my beautiful hotel. Love the detail, the color and how it wasn’t the center piece (just one of many rings around the many trees in front…

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Jumpstart Your Life Through Art

April 8, 2014

I am very excited to be teaching a live course at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George. I have actually taught all my creative courses online only… so when Carolyn from the gallery asked if I would be interested in teaching one live, I jumped at the chance. The class is already half filled and the perfect size. However, with my busy schedule, I know the mountains I have had to move to be able to teach for 5 whole weeks. The chances of teaching another one again is very very very slim! So I knew it wouldn’t be…

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Lessons, Lessons, Lessons… again

I swear, I have been through these lessons before… but, I got an opportunity to re-learn them again this past weekend. The Universe always delivers me what I need most. SOMEONE must believe that I learn best when I feel terrified and vulnerable. It matters to share my story. I guess how I ended up at the conference would be the best way to start… About a year ago I met an amazing woman called Deb Leroux while eating a hotdog during a break at Startup Weekend Kelowna. To be honest, I was quite zoned out most of that startup weekend…

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March 2014

There are many Chinese celebrations throughout the year. So when my hubby has one for his own heritage (Irish, Scottish, Canadian) he hangs onto it. Love this pic of him and GUINNESS (yes, named after the beer!) posing. One of these guys looks happier than the other – for sure! The internet, combined with the dollar store, make it so easy to be creative. There are a million FREE downloadable St Patty’s day designs and illustrations. Then throw in bottle of green dye and you have a fun night out. We celebrated with good friends and their kids. Everything is…

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February 2014

We live up North in PG still and love it there.  But any trip I get to make it down south to Vancouver is always a treasure… especially the beginning of Feb. We are still under a deep freeze in PG, so seeing this (pic above) in Vancouver makes my heart sing – LOUDLY! I was down for the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) conference as a speaker. I LOVE connecting outside of the city with others passionate about growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This trip was well worth all the connections and also what others are doing in their own…

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