Be the Person Who Jumps in the Water!


As I turned 40 this year, a few of my closest girlfriends from high school decided to go to the sunshine coast to celebrate. Just girls … no families or spouses. We now live all over – San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto and Prince George. Our lives have gone in all different directions.

Besides the obvious of seeing them and getting a chance to hangout, what I love most is that we can just be ourselves. All the quirks, the idiosyncrasies that make us who we are can surface and above all else a gentleness – aka: the love we have for each other and our different paths are all supported.

Showing up together was a feat in itself. But setting that intentional time to nurture our past memories was so needed… especially since we were all turning 40 this year.

There were so many beautiful moments, but one of my favourite ones was when we sat staring at the ocean on one of the many logs. We carved out time for a ritual where we spoke out loud our wishes and intentions we had for ourselves and our life. We also shared the gratitude of our journey so far. Simple rituals like this ground the heart and soul for me and make the daily gorgeous chaos of my life worth it. We also pulled angel cards/guidance cards.


Another moment that defined our whole trip was when my friend Daniela went swimming in the ocean. Doesn’t seem like such a big deal – but we were all enjoying our wine and relaxing from the beautiful cabin/house we had rented.



In our everyday lives we were busy women with our careers and families. This was a time for us to relax.

In order to go into the water, we had to get into our bathing suits, hike down the stairs, walk across the ocean barnacles and jump into the somewhat cold ocean water. – I know – very much a 1st world problem. LOL. However, it just seemed like a lot of work – despite how beautiful it looked.

At 40, many things seem like a lot of work. 🙂  But in life, and in this moment, some times we need to overcome our mind roadblocks to get to something we never knew we wanted. I think the older I get, the more controlling around everything I get… from the career I want, to the way I relax, to how things run in the family, to the way I have fun. I seem to run through the entire process in my head (and get exhausted just by thinking about doing something)  vs being in the moment.

On this day, I had already planned in my head that I wanted to journal, drink some wine and paint on some rocks and just hang out. Getting into my bathing suit with my pasty northern interior body and hopping over the barnacles in hopes of not getting cut and then getting  shocked by the cold water … let’s just say – it seemed like too much work.

Then I saw my friend Daniela in the water! She was enjoying herself floating after putting on her bathing suit, crossing the barnacles and overcoming the shock of the cold. I was a little envious as I looked over the balcony and then she said –  “I want to be the person that jumps in the water!”

And right there – that statement defined my whole trip… and really my whole year.

I sit at the side lines of things that sometimes feel like too much work. When the outside person looks at my life, they probably don’t see that. They see a driven person that is juggling a lot of things. But much of my life is very orchestrated… and controlled by my type A personality. Fun and enjoyment are rarely on the schedule. Luckily – by accident, I do often have fun in my life.


But on this day – I made a conscious decision – I want to be the person that (even at 40) takes the leaps and does things that are not planned … even if they seem like they are too much work.

The water was amazing!

My heart was so full after that trip! Thanks Dan, Jen and Mon…  I realized that the reason I have such amazing friends from all different stages of my life, is because the ones I made earlier in my life have shown me how.

Cheers to 40 more years!