Be in the Moment

March 18, 2009

be-in-mom-webOver the holidays, I wrote about being more committed to living “in the moment” for 2009. I have 2 young children (7 months and 19months). To them, everything is only “in the moment”… They are my gurus on how to live both “in the moment” and with pure joy.

For me, however, it takes a little more focus and concentration to live that way. In the past, (there I go again wandering into the past!) I have written a gratitude journal to help me hone the energy to be in the moment. A gratitude journal is just a journal of all the things that I am grateful for in that day.

So this weekend to practice living more in the moment for 2009, I decided to take a moment to record a list of things that I love about my kids in this stage in their life and a list of what I love about my relationship with my husband at this moment too.

Things that I hope I never forget because at this moment, they just bring me to that place of pure joy and most importantly a big fat smile to my face!

For example: When my son hears any kind of music, no matter what he is currently doing, he can’t help himself but start to shake his head, legs and bottom to the beat. Or my daughter, the way she is just sitting next to me right now as I am writing this talking away a million miles an hour …a) like there is no tomorrow and b) like I understand every word. And for my husband, the way he is able to get my son to laugh and giggle like we are the funniest people in the world.

These things mean nothing to anyone else, but the world to me. When I think of my list, it gives me that whirly almost giddy happy feeling. With that, the other things that I think I should be worrying about, just don’t seem that important. And with the laws attraction in action, I have just opened up myself to more wonderful giddy, happy feelings to come!

So with that, I throw out the question, “How are you living in the moment today?”