Avatar- How this movie is helping to Color the Universe :)

January 5, 2010

avatarSo, I normally don’t write about movies in my blog. In fact, I normally don’t see movies in the theatre either. With a 1 and 2 year old, I usually wait for most movies to go to DVD. But, I knew that Avatar couldn’t wait.

How does Avatar find its place into my Color the Universe Blog? Well, for one, James Cameron is an inspirational director, writer and creator of this movie. I am constantly drawn to visionaries that are able to see their dreams come alive before the rest of the world has caught up to do the same.

From what I have read, Cameron waited 10 years to make this movie. He wanted technology to catch up to what he saw in his vision & dreams. He spared no expense in creating his movie of perfection. It is the most expensive movie to date… I think the last article I read was that it cost $300 Million USD . A number I can barely wrap my brain around. But when I saw it, I realized there were no details missed and no image left for the mind to wonder. And this week I read that the movie grossed $1.02 billion dollars… it hasn’t even been out for an entire month yet! So not a bad investment! 🙂

When I walked into the theatre last week to watch this, my expectations were very high. Unfortunately in the past, when this happens, I am usually a little disappointed with all the hype. However, the movie and story itself left a huge footprint in my heart and mind… I left not only not disappointed but inspired at his masterpiece and touching story with so many lessons.

Without giving away too much for those of you that haven’t seen it, it is a movie truly about connecting back to nature and what I hope is the true human spirit (even if it is in aliens). It is about how we are all connected to everything else and how the energy in the universe and the equilibrium and balance of life is so precious.

Thank you James Cameron for helping us Color the Universe with your amazing movie, vivid images and technological leaps in visual media …..and well, for raising the bar, once again!