Art is Your Business Conference – The Universe Rises to Meet You

September 21, 2011

Art is Your Business conference Wells BCIn my last post I talked how there are no accidents, how you can’t be disconnected from your creative dreams, and how everything has a purpose. Today, I am once again reminded about the divine order of ‘when you are living consciously creative,’ the Universe aligns you with amazing things.

I saw a post on Facebook about an event happening a few hours from where I live called Art is Your Business. As an aspiring artist, I was over joyed by the chance to network with other artists and galleries, mentors and just absorb their wisdom.

As I looked down the list of workshops and round table discussions packed into this weekend, I noticed that there was not a social media workshop!

Is it possible in this day and age to not have a social media workshop when talking about business?

Well the old me that likes to play small and sit on the side lines would have thought,

“Um, that’s interesting,” and then left it as I hummed and hawed some more. Then I would have waited until the actual conference and perhaps asked why… and if I drummed up enough courage I would have suggested that NEXT year they could call me.

However, the inspired version of myself that is committed to living more consciously creative picked up my smart phone, put my nerves on ice and as fast as my little fingers could dial, I called the number on the website.

I was connected instantly to one of the organizers who told me unfortunately their social media person had canceled!

WOW! How unfortunate for her – but how serendipitous and fortunate it was for me!

I, of course, offered my services and within hours was offered a platform to speak directly to the people I have the most desire to serve: Artists – looking to share their talent with the world!

So I once again learned a few things …

  • Don’t play small… it doesn’t serve you or the people you want to reach.
  • The Universe rises to meet you every single time you step towards your dreams.

I can’t wait for this event!

I can definitely teach artists about social media, and hopefully on this journey I will learn from other artists how they stay consciously creative – and courageous – as they share their art.

If you are an artist, especially from ANYWHERE in BC… this conference has some amazing content and people. I had the absolute JOY of launching my initial creative business after a canoeing trip around the Bowron Lakes with Bill Horne. His wisdom alone is worth the visit to Wells, BC.

This conference is geared towards Artist living in the Caribou Area (Northern BC), however, I am a strong believer that you can never immerse yourself in too much learning or networking with creative souls. And, if nothing else, you may just be mesmerized and enchanted by the kindness and open-heartedness of northern people like I have been!

Check it out the conference here. To learn more about the social media workshop I am conducting at the conference, Demystifying Social Media when Art is your Business, check out my post on my LiveWorkPG site here.

  • Way to go Shauna. There is some amazing talent artistically here, and if you can make it easier for people to get and use it and leverage it, you can.

    Thanks for sharing the story. Now, back to work….lol.