About Color the Universe & my journey so far…

roadless-webThe Birth of CTU

In Sept 1999, I was given a gift that changed my life. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I call it a gift because I got the biggest wake up call of my life. In hindsight, the disease itself was nothing to worry about and I live now daily being able to manage it successfully.

However, at the time, my life felt out of control (and I like things in control) and my doctor told me I had to take a break from my high stress job managing a travel agency (I also didn’t like taking breaks!).

It was a gift because I was blessed with having to take time to think and heal and dream. I knew that my past life working in the travel agency was no longer going to be good enough.
I have always had this fire inside of me that made me believe that my life was going to be big… not movie star or famous big… but big as in a dramatic, ” I LOVE this life BIG!” And with this gift, I had a second chance at making this life what I wanted.

I had no idea what I was going to do…but I knew I had to make that my life’s passion… to find out what my passion was. With purpose like that, I was open to anything & everything! When I finally went back to work, I ended up going only part-time because my purpose was to find my passion. The company I worked for was so supportive in helping me along every step of the way.

2276560796_934e88f1c1One afternoon, while driving down a residential street looking at colorful old heritage homes (what I love to paint now!), I had a thought that hit me like a lightning bolt. I still remember the exact moment because when I said the words out loud, I got shivers down my back, “I want to Color the Universe”. I had no idea what I meant or to what extent, but I knew that that was my life’s passion because of the energy I felt when it came to me.

Honing my passion was my next mission. I read so many books, but I wasn’t able to really get down on to paper what I was thinking.

I still remember telling my parents “I want to Color the Universe”. Their response was, “Well, let us know when you finish and we will be here for you.” I can laugh now about it because I know that they would support me in anything. But they too were not able to comprehend the energy I felt in those words and what it meant to me.

For some reason, knowing what my passion was gave me this fearless energy & strength. I kayaked, hiked, camped all on my own. Solo time was the best time to connect with your inner wisdom. The wisdom that knows exactly what you need. This time, I brought a book with me that would give me the direction I needed. “Making your dreams come true” by Marcia Wieder… America’s Dream Coach.

Marcia Wieder Making Your Dreams come TrueMarcia Wieder’s book was amazing. It was more of a workbook than just a book. I knew my passion was to Color the Universe but I needed to know the meaning of it. I have read many books that get you to write things down, but I would always think, I will just write them down in my head. “It’s the same thing!Right?” No it’s not ! There is something magical about writing it down. If you are committed to finding the meaning of your passion, then so with it, goes the work it takes to find out.

I read this book cover to cover and did every page of the exercises. And hence, the spark of my business was born. I discovered through this book that I have been the most passionate in my life when I am inspiring and energizing people. Also, that my first love will always be my love, my art and being creative. And if the saying is true: that you “teach what you most need to learn”, and for me, it is how to be constantly inspired and in love with life, then this is what I need to learn & teach.

For the first 10 years of CTU, through my artwork and my business, my passion was to bring both inspirational words and art into people’s homes and lives. I was also committed to not connect with the label of “starving artist”… instead, I went completely the other direct, and took a simple craft item and generated multi-six figure sales in a very short amount of time.  I used many different vehicles from magnets, journals to my artwork to carry my message.

Through this journey I have learned so much and I am still learning everyday as my life unfolds before me. There are still struggles, obstacles or what I like to call “lessons”, but the rewards definitely out weigh that.

For me, I have always made time for reading (and writing) to get re-inspired. Also I have learned that creating an amazing support team & network has been the key for my business & personal growth.

And GRATITUDE! Gratitude is the fastest way out of a rut and the best way to be content and happy with each & every moment. And lastly, be fearless! Or at least, be aware of how your fears hold you back. I have realized that in the past I have been my biggest critic, enemy and competition. Instead, over the years, I am learning to be my biggest supporter and to believe in what I am doing. It is amazing the people I have attracted and things that have “magically” appeared in my life at the right time.

I could write a book about all the things that have happened so far on this journey and all the wonderful things that only timing and synchronicity could prepare me for.

Jumping girlThe NEXT PHASE

At the end of 2009, I had the opportunity to sell my business but just could not let the name COLOR THE UNIVERSE go. At the time, I didn’t know the reason. All I knew was that there was a fire in my belly  burning hotter and hotter and I had an urge to reach further than where my little magnets had already taken me.

In tune with following my passion, I walked away (because I wasn’t willing to let the name go) from a very secure and steady business to pursue a new career as a business coach.

Over the 10 years of running Color the Universe, I sold over 1.5 Million magnets all over North America. I even set up distribution in the UK, Singapore and Australia….but I still felt as though the magnets didn’t reach as far as I had hoped…and the fire in my belly was telling me something.

I had been coaching artisans on the side about how to grow their businesses. I was also a bit of a closet tech geek and had spent a lot of time learning online marketing to help leverage my time as a mom of 2 and a wife to my superhero husband. So the business wasn’t completely new.But in order to step fully into the business of being a coach, I closed down operations of the magnets. Don’t worry, they will be back…not sure how or when, but they will be. There was something magical about them.

My journey has lead me to create one business that helps creative entrepreneurs leverage their time while building businesses that showcase who they are authentically. Also another business  to help people listen to their intuition, tap into their creativity and just live fully called Consciously Creative . So that leads me to this website and blog. Now that I am no longer selling magnets, what is Color the Universe the website all about….

It is everything in between those 2 worlds… and also everything that oozes from those 2 worlds. I hope you will join me on my journey to Color the Universe. Be inspired to take action in your life and let your ripple effect those around you.